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Have you heard of this??

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A friend of mine mentioned the other day, that she was at a friend of a friends house She actually saw the house cat go into the bathroom, get up on the toilet and do his business there !!

I was totally shocked I've never heard that you could actually train a cat to use the toilet. Have any of you heard or maybe seen this up close??

I was wondering does anyone know how you would go about training a cat to do that? As my baby is still only 3 months, maybe I still have time to train him.

Being as the cat's owner is not a friend of my friend ( I know, confusing:tounge2: ) she didn´t ask the lady how she was able to train her cat, all she said was that people had been at her house a few years ago, filming the "Amazing toilet Cat" , for some T.V program.

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I don't have personal experience with it, but it has been discussed on the boards here. Here's a couple links to threads, including some references to books to help with the process:

Toilet Training

cat toilet training
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I'm going to move this to our behavior forum where you can get lots of great advice and information on this subject!!
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They have kits you can use to attempt to toilet train a cat like that. I think the biggest challenge is teaching them to flush.
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I had a cat as a child that used a toilet. We never tried to teach him but he would insist on watching whoever went to use the toilet. Then we noticed him using it himself one day. He was a manx that we found.
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They make a pan that fits over your toilet that supposedly will toilet train your cat, but I do not know anyone that ever used it. Petsmart sells them.
Fred tried to use the toilet once, he got his legs all spread and had to be rescued. If he moved, he would fall in. It was hysterical. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Can't you just let your cat be a cat?

I would like some humans to try to stand on the toilet seat. While trying to balance you see if you can do your "business" properly.

Poor kitties!

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