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3 male 1 female

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Hello, We have 3 male kittens...

1, is 9.5 months.
2 are 2 months.

We now have a 4 month old female kitten (she is evil). The owner was not allowed to have her, and we ended up with her.

What im asking, she is really evil, she hisses at everything, making our 2, 2 month old kittens very scared.

When Bubbles wakes up (9.5 month old) he wont take anything. He will protect the other guy kittens.

You should of seen the other cats that came in our garden.

He has had the chop.

And he will not be very nice to the female kitten. He attacks the other kittens if he thinks they need cleaning.

Truble is, this has disarster written all over it. What should i do?
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Aw, she's not evil, she's just SCARED!

There are a lot of good threads on TCS about how to properly introduce new cats to resident cats so that they don't all get stressed out and fight.

Please do a search on "introductions" and you should find a lot of great information to help you.

Please don't call that baby girl evil - she's just giving a natural fear reaction, is all.
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even with the origional owner she kept attacking them.

she broke thousands of £ worth of equipment. Including priceless things.

So the owner asked my sister, and my sister cant say no to cats, and said yes.
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It sounds as though this little female kitten has had a rough time. I would wonder what type of discipline the previous owners used to cause her to be this way.

She should be isolated from your other cats and a slow introduction begun. She is obviously very frightened and has had changes which upset her. I would suggest spending time with her, talking quietly and gently and earning her trust before you throw her into the mix with the other cats. Give her a chance to bond with/trust you.

She's only doing what her instincts are telling her to do because of her fear.

I do hope you will try to help her.
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she cant hear. she is deaf.
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Originally Posted by gaogier View Post
she cant hear. she is deaf.
Even more reason for her behaviour. She'll need a lot of love and understanding and once she doesn't feel threatened she'll be much better I'm sure.

I would take the introductions with the other cats very slowly. She is a special needs kitty.
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the owner has taken her back...and my sis is going to get used to her, very day...

so, in like 1 month, she will be use to someone, then can bring her home
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Perhaps I misunderstand, but it sounds as though this cat is being kept isolated and not having much contact with anyone, even the owner. I'm glad your sister is going to spend some time with her to get to know her and let her get used to your sister.

Keep us posted on how things are progressing.
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Complete change of plan...She really badly went for my mum, so now she wont have her, but, i think she found a place for her to go, where she will be loved.
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I am glad that it worked out so that it is the best for everyone!

Welcome to TCS!
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