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Now we have FLOOD watches and Warnings!!

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It has been raining cats dogs and pitchforks out there today ,even as I speak the thunder is rumbling and my street is a river!! We kinda needed the rain but we got just a bit too much too fast. I guess it is supposed to last most of the day. I am glad I am off work today, so I can keep and eye on the basement and the low lying back part of the house.
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Oh sorry about all the rain you have. You can send some my way. Cause we are in a drought condition. Of course we did get enough recently to allow fireworks. Heres some house stay dry <<<vibes>>>> for you.
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Well the vibes worked *thanks*! I went outside there is no water around the foundation in back and just a small puddle in the basement that will run down the drain. there is more rain coming but not as much I guess, but the sun is shining, so thats gonna make the atmosphere unstable so I bet the storms coming for us will get worse.Just have to wait and see. I need to go get some potatoes at the store to cook with green beans and smoked sausage, so I'll take advantage of the break in action!!
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Where do you live? We can use some more rain up our way if you can send us any it would be appreciated!
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Close to Western part of Pennsylvania. We have had mild drought conditions here too. But thats how we get our weather, one day drought the next day floods

I have NEVER saw rain like we had back in september of 04. Not for that long anyway. It was unreal!! We got 11 inches in 9 hours. We were an island , stuck here for 2 days till the roads opened.The bridge by our house washed out and (surprise surprise!) we aquired another cat!! We figured he washd down the creek and wandered to us (where else!)We had him for 2 years and he got hit down the road. We tried to keep him in the house but he was an outside cat.
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We've had two years of drought. We were at a Stage 3 drought last year, which limited outside watering to one day a week and basically at night - assuming you could get any water pressure. We were able to save all of our trees, but lost some big shrubs - just the expensive ones.

All Winter, we were warned that we probably would be at Stage 4 this Summer - no outside watering at all. Early Spring, our Water Board allowed us to water between midnight and 5 AM on one day and between 7 PM and Midnight on another day. That was wonderful.

Then the rains have started. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas are having an unusally rainy summer. There has been flooding, evacuations and some deaths due to stupidity. Unfortunately, the "hundred years" floods are taking some homes too.

We have green grass, which is still recovering from the drought, and even moss growing on our fence. Our water bill is incredibly low, as is our air conditioning bill (600/mo last summer - our house isn't that big nor do we keep it that cool, but the temps were hot)

Crops, benefiting from the wonderful rain, can't be harvested due to the mud.

It's been raining at my house since 11 AM - that fours hours of heavy to light to moderate to light rain as the front moves through. No thunderstorms today, so far. We have had less tornado activity this year, though the power outages are more frequent.

The weather runs in cycles - this is just our rainy year. Next year will be drier.
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