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To freeze, or not to freeze?...that is my question.

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Hey folks,

I recently got a $5 off coupon for an 8lb or larger bag of kitten food...Seeing as I currently have three kittens, I thought that I'd need 8lbs of food eventually... So, how should I preserve the unused portion? My current food container is an air-tight rubbermaid cereal container (perfect size for 4lb bag of food, but not nearly large enough for 8lbs). I have heard that you shouldn't keep opened food (even in an airtight container) for more than a month.

I was thinking about bagging the extra food into freezer ziploc bags (maybe double bagging it) and putting in our large freezer. Then I could remove it and let it defrost, about a day ahead of time, as I need it.

Do you think this would work? I hope so, as I don't foresee the kittens going through that much in a month.

Thanks, as always, for your help!
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A lot of people seem to store their "excess" dry that way, so it's certainly worth a try.
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I suppose it won't hurt to freeze it. Can't you just sit the unopened bags in a larger air tight container?
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Personally, I buy cat food in 18lb bags and store the majority of it in an airtight pet food container. I have a separate plastic container with a screw on lid that I fill from the larger container, then use that to serve food daily. That way the majority of the food stays air-tight without it being opened and closed constantly.

Now, my boys aren't generally picky about much, but they'll eat that for months and I haven't noticed anything particularly off about it.

Are there any particular reasons (other than freshness) that you shouldn't use dry food after a month?
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Sorry that I wasn't more specific... I just bought one, 8lb bag... When I'm through with the current food, I'll open that bag to use some of it. I'm currently using a small container for their food, so I'll either need to buy a large air tight container for the rest of the 8lb bag or freeze it...

I had heard that you shouldn't keep dry food for over a month because it goes stale/looses some nutrients. I'm not sure if this is true or not...so I'm certainly open to suggustions. If the food won't go stale, then I'd be fine with storing the extra in a large air-tight container.

I was thinking that freezing would work because we freeze extra loaves of bread and then take them out and thaw them as we use them with no harm to the bread...I'm assuming that open dry food would stay fresh longer that way, verses in an air tight container, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for your replies and I appreciate any suggustions you might have.
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We buy the 40 lb bag of dry dog food (Diamond) and haven't had a problem - the bag lasts a few months with Keno. Never noticed anything different or her refusal to eat it.
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:You can freeze it.......... It will be fresher..

Animals will eat it stale because they don't know the difference and can't make a choice.
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