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Help. Husband wants to get rid of kitten

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Mimurr has been neutered now for over 2 weeks. But Mikko still hisses and growls at him. I've tried everything from cuddling Mikko and talking to him and trying to reintroduce them. But nothing works. Now my husband thinks it's just plain stupid to keep Mimurr if Mikko doesn't like him. We have had Mimurr for over 7 months now and they use to get along.


I really love both of them and understand Mikko's frustration. But my husband can't stand the hissing any more. He is going to give them one more month and then if nothing changes, the little one will have to go.

What can I do in the meantime....

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Maybe the cats sense your tension and frustration over the situation and that's why they are not getting along. I have rarely had a problem with new cats in the household and we have had as many as twenty at one time. Of course, our cats have always been indoor-outdoor so they can get away from each other. I don't mean to sound like I'm patting myself on the back but, I mentioned to our vet one time about how well our cats have always adapted and he said he thought it was because we were so laid back about it. Quite frankly, I have never even done the seperate room thing with any of them. We have even, on ocacasion taken our daughter's five cats in to our household for periods of time and they all get along. Oh, occasionally there is a "hissy fit" between a couple of them but, they get over it.
Good luck. I hope things work out for you.
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Please talk your husband out of this. It is so difficult to find good homes for cats - if you give him up, chances are he won't find a home and will be put down.

If the noise bothers your husband at night, then maybe you could shut one of the cats in a room so they won't meet during the night. I answered about the problem in another thread and suggested you give it time.

As Mikko is not very young, he maybe taking a little longer to adjust. Also, you may want to try and seperate them and then re-introduce them. Just remember that re-introducing after seperation means just that - you will need to repeat the long process of introduction all over again.
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Usually the re introduction works well. Also, as silly as this sounds you can try taking them both to a groomer. This gets them both out of familiar territory and then they both come home smelling a whole lot different. We have 2 problem kittys right now. We are working on changing the behavior in the same ways. Our very last resort is going to be drug therapy. I am going to give it 3 months though. My hubby get annoyed as well, but he and I have come to an understanding now. My favorite shirt in the world sais "my husband said if I bring home one more cat he is leaving. Gosh I will miss him". Just keep working on them. It is rare that you can't work something out.
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Where can I get one of those shirts! LOL
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Black cat hissy fits are horrible. I have 2 cats. Bagpuss (de-sexed female) was already over 1 year old when I brought a 6 week old Jake (both Persian) into the flat and my god did they have hissy fits. To start with Jake was interested to see what this huge cream ball was and Bagpuss was terrified of this pathetic little scrawny white thing was with the end of the tail missing.

I did not give either more or less attention I never shouted or told them to stop when they were hissing at each other. I would stoke one of them and directly go over to the other one and stroke it to get the smell of them on each other.

It takes time and patience. I also think that if you rise to their 'hissy fits' then they may do it more, if you ignore them they may get bored of it and stop - worth a try.

Good luck let us know how it goes.
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Kaaren, the only place I have found that particular shirt is from a woman who sells clothing at TICA shows.
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