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I know people have posted about this recently, but I just wanted to ask again...I am going on vacation at the end of August for a full 7 days. If I leave Sophie with two litterboxes and plenty of food and water and toys, do you think it's ok to leave her alone for that long? (She's 7 1/2 months old and has no health or behavioral problems.)
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Alone for 7 FULL DAYS?? NO - absolutely not - I do not think this is OK.

Frankly, I'm surprised you could enjoy yourself - I'd be a worried mess if I did this.

Please find a petsitting solution of some kind.
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I wasn't planning on anything at this point, just asking. Thanks for the advice.
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Is there someone, a friend or neighbor that can look in on her and clean her litter and feed with her?
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Unfortunately, I don't really have any family or friends in the area. I'm going to have to look into a kennel or boarding place. Does anyone have advice as to how to find the best kennel? We have a Petsmart nearby, but I'm worried about them being overpriced. If I go with a local place, what sort of questions should I be asking?
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The longest our cats have ever been left alone was 24 hours, without someone coming in to check on them.

When we're going to be gone for just a few days I have my best friend come in and check on the cats, feed them, give them fresh water, scoop litter boxes and play with them for a little while at least two times a day.
If we're going to be gone longer than just a couple of days I have my Niece come and stay at our house to look after the furkids for us.

Do you have a trusted friend or family member who could either come and stay at your house or at least check in a couple of times a day while you're gone?
Preferably someone who the cats know.
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Oh sorry, i was reading it as if this had been asked before (and you were hoping for different answers).

I do not know where you live - but in my town, a cat sitter charges $15 per visit. They are licensed,bonded and insured. That is for 30 minutes - feeding is done, meds if required, litter clean/change, and playtime.

I think this would be the best way to go. The cat would be happier in their own home, and prolly cheaper than a kennel. That is, since you said you do not have close friends/family nearby. A trusted friend/relative/neighbor is always the way to go.

For the future, I would get to know my neighbors, esp. the ones who own pets. It is good to cultivate a reciprical relationship for pet favors, even if not need for a long time.

Even if I think my baby could survive for seven days...I'd need to have someone check on her to make sure some emergency has not happened.
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Oh, sorry about the misunderstanding CDubbie. I'm a first-time cat owner and just don't know about this kind of stuff yet. The only reason I re-posted is because my situation is slightly different (in regards to the length of time I'll be gone).

I actually forgot about the petsitter option. I think that's a great way to go. I called a few kennels in the area and they ranged from $10-20 per day. But having seen the way Sophie reacts even just going in the car for five minutes-she meows and fidgets the whole way-I can't imagine her in a kennel with other unfamiliar cats around.

As I am a college student who lives in an apartment and will be going to law school in a new place after this year, I just haven't really had the time to cultivate relationships with neighbors. But I definitely will once I settle in at law school!

Thanks for the advice!!!!!
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No - if it was for a weekend (2-3 days at the most) then that would be fine (leave plenty of extra water bowls too). But for that long, its better to have someone come in once a day to feed/water and scoop pans.

If you can't find someone to come in, then board the cat. A week is way too long to leave them alone!
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The longest we've ever left ours were 3 days .. But I wouldnt leave them any longer than that. When we went to Florida for a week, we found a great boarding place. The woman had been doing it for 10 years, was a certified vet technician, and the place was only for cats. She had cute huts they could stay in, even together, and they were plenty big. She would let them come out at different times, but only by themselves, if they were brother/sister, or if she knew they got along together. And it was soooo much cheaper than boarding them at the vet.
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Thanks for the responses, everyone! I have found two licensed and bonded pet sitters in my area who really seem committed to giving their clients the love and affection they need. One charges $18 for a 30 minute visit during which they clean the litter box, replenish the food and water bowls, and play with the pet. The other charges $25 per visit, but I'm not sure how long they stay. I think that's the best option right now, as long as I end up trusting one of the two when I meet them.

I also called some boarding places, but none of them sounded really warm on the phone. Plus, I think that they are super busy and possibly overworked during the summer.
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IMO the one that charges $18 (per day I'm assuming) and will do the basics PLUS play a little with the cat would be the one I'd choose.

Can you arrange them to come over and meet the pet first and see how you feel about them and how your cat reacts?
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Yeah, both people offer a free consultation visit. So I'll meet with the $18/visit person and see if I like him. The other woman e-mailed back and says she charges $25/visit! So I think I'll be going with the other sitter.
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Pricing is usually per visit, not per day. However, unless your cat has very special needs, once per day should be fine. We've done this for years, and it works out nicely. Since we have 3 cats, it's actually a bargain compared to boarding. I think we pay $22 or $23 per visit. The catsitters are a wonderful retired couple who love animals very much. They'll bring in our mail, even turn sprinklers on and off if we want - or water house plants, whatever.
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