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Anyone here in Vermont? I was just wondering, I havent seen anyone. Im in Burlington.
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I'm in Massachusetts, but I've been to Burlington quite a few times.
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Im originally from Massachusetts, I just moved up here with my fiance.
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I've been to Vermont - lovely, but I am from Toronto.
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My cousin and her family lived in Burlington for a few years, but they are back in NY now. They loved it there!
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Hi Ashlie!
I'm from Vermont! I just don't post here too much but I do lurk from time to time.
It's nice to see another Vermonter here.
I used to live in Burlington, I went to UVM too.
I even got my cat Samantha as a tiny kitten when I was living in Burlington.
Now she's 19 years old and we have moved a bit south of Burlington in the next county.
Have you posted photos of your pets?
I would love to see your dwarf hamsters because I have one too!
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