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I have an indoor cat that is not fixed yet. yes I know it needs to be done and will be. I will not spay or abort........ I have been reading around here and know it is important and how people feel about getting cats fixed and I agree as I grew up breeding himmilayan cats........

now for my question.......... she got out on June 14th and I didn't realize it (has a few times and I have seen her and got her right back in so not sure when she got out that time) well I heard a cat breeding (you all know that sound if you have heard it) so went looking for her since I thought she was in heat and there aren't a ton of cats around here. well didn't find her inside so went outside and didn't see her but another cat wandered off from my backyard (have seen it before but haven't gotten close enough to tell if it was an intact male or not). so came in and was searching for my cat calling her inside (tried outside too) and she didn't come. then heard that breeding howls again so went back out to the front even though I heard it in the backyard. as I was searching and calling she came running from the side of my house to me.......... so I am about 99.9% pos that she was bred....

so I have been watching for any signs so I know what to expect. so far she seems to be sleeping more but I have been checking her nipples since purringlot site thing said July 5th is the latest for her nipples to turn pink and get bigger. well they still look pretty white right now and every now and then look a bit pink but for the most part white still and don't seem big like alot of the pix I found on here. Does that mean that she isn't preg. or could she still be preg. with out her nipples changing yet????? I guess I am still in watch mode to see if she gets bigger but thinking that somehow we excaped her being preg this time since there doesn't seem to be any change in her nipples but wanted other opinions too. And no I do not WANT her to be preg. but I just can't abort if she is....... or if there is a chance she is.........
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you have another week before the vet can check for "bubbles" - wait for that, get her checked and decide on what you want to do...
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so does that mean that even her nipples haven't changed that she can still be preg? I don't want to pay for a vet visit if it isn't nessasary just for them to check and see if she is preg. since all vets are expensive here. I would rather save it for anything that is needed if she is. I can wait to find out just wondering if it was possible that she was preggo even though I haven't noticed a change in her nipples......
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at about four weeks gestation queens will normally display some abdominal enlargement and their nipples will start to appear more prominent. She may start plucking out her abdominal hair surrounding her nipples. Her appetite should increase and her activity level should decrease as the pregnancy progresses.They say that queens also seek more attention and love when pregnant.
I hope that this helps. There are other ways that a vetrinarian can tell if a queen is pregnant
*XRAY- which is dangerous and not often done as it can cause radiation damage to the fetuses
* Ultrasound imaging is occasionally used but can also cause harm
*Between 15 and 20 days a VETRINARIAN can normally diagnose feline pregnancies by palpateing the uterus BUT this should not be done by some unexperienced
To be honest with you, I would just let nature take its course. You will know soon enough if your cat is pregnant.
I hope that this helps. Good luck with your kitty.
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I did go to purinlot preg. calendar and they said the nipples should be larger and pink by the 5th (so today) so that is why I was asking. it says the belly by the 18th so figured I have that long to see about that. but she is sleeping a TON more but that is about all I have noticed.
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Since this would be her first preganancy the change in nipple color may not occur so quickly. If you HAVE decided to spay her, I would get it done now since physically she hasn't changed much. In any respect a vet check up would not be wrong since she has changed in her behaviour.
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i agree with the vet vist, i know it can be expensive but having a litter costs more then a vet vist. especially if she runs into problems which i hope she dosnt. do up date us when you know.
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yes I know having a litter costs more than a vet visit and also remember bringing my cats in when we bred them but it wasn't till they were further along to check litter size and things like that. that is why I wouldn't want to bring her in now so I can use that money when it is more needed not just to have her checked to see if she is preg. since i can just wait a few weeks and find that out for myself. that is all I was saying. I would rather have that $50 they will charge me for that (if not more!) in case something happens or for the kittens later or her spay later.....

she is still eating and plays and loves on us just seems to sleep a bit more....
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I agree with you. Whats done is done, let nature take its course. If she doesn't seem to be having any problems all the vet will do is confirm what you already know which does cost quite a bit of money and is really unnecissary.
I am pretty sure that if she is not in heat by now (which you would notice) that she is pregnant. They say that a cat is either in heat, pregnant or spayed and because she isn't going into heat and obviously is not spayed she must be pregnant.
Best of luck to you and your kitty.
Now is time to concentrate on finding her soon to be kittens loving and caring homes.
Take care
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thanks everyone. I am still waiting to see. her nipples still don't really appear to be pink at all maybe the bottom 2 but not really. the next 2 look a tad bigger but hard to tell and the top 4 are still teeny tiny......... at times I look at her and she seems a tad wider, she is normally very thin, then others she doesn't but according to purinlot she wouldn't really begin to show for another 9 days which is alot considering a pg. is only 60-65 days or so. LOL so guess I sit and wait and wonder........

should I start kitten food once I figure it out and she starts showing? I have 3 other cats (all fixed) and they all eat together so dont' want them all getting fat on kitten food and don't want to have to lock her in my room until I have to since we have no spare rooms.......
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