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Cod I love cheese but..............it scares me 'cause it's such an artery clogger, you know? I adore extra, extra sharp cheddar (when I can find it), eaten with a ripe red delicious apple (one bite of cheese, one bite of apple and so and so on till it's all gone). I love Velveeta for grilled cheese sandwiches (was raised on those) & tomato soup. I adore roguefort on my salads but can only find find it in a very few restaurants these days (who make it from scratch). For some reason roguefort is never sold in bottled form for some reason or another that I don't understand. Blue cheese is a poor second choice for my salads. I once bought a yogart cheese from a cheese factory run by the Menonnites in Indiana........it was devine! The grocerys don't carry it unfortunately.
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For those of you that love sharp cheese, try a slice of sharp and spread peanut butter on it. Make a sandwich out of it with another slice and it is heavenly! Not very healthy, I'm sure, but its sooo goood!!!
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I love Colby cheese but I get an upset stomach if I eat to much. lol! I also like sharp and mediaum Cheddar. Yum!
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