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So right now I'm eating some goat cheese, and was wondering what your favourite cheeses are. I also like parmesan, cheddar, bucconcini, mozzarella balls, ricotta, asiago, swiss, blue ... anything that doesn't knock you off your feet across the room.
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I prefer really sharp cheeses - asiago, extra-extra sharp cheddar, piave, parmesan, etc.
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Mmmmm My all time favorite cheese is Provolone, the good kind from NY, not the sandwich meat Fontina, Fontinelli, Fresh Mozzarella, Land O' Lakes white American for sandwiches and Good ole Cheddar...but not the Orange kind the white kind
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If I could live on cheese alone, I would! My favorites are swiss and pepperjack. They rarely make in on to sandwiches...I just eat it by the slice.
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I don't get to eat it often - causes some severe headaches for me. i love sharp chaeddars best however.
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I like extra-sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere, Monterrey Jack, Parmesan, Romano, mozzarella. Don't like any of the goat cheeses: ricotta, feta, etc.
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I love extra sharp cheddar, fresh mozzarella, swiss, parmesan.

I don't care for bleu cheese, asiago, feta or anything umm... weird, as I call it,
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Well cheese factories in Wisconsin are a ver common site so of course fresh cheese curds (esp when they are still warmish!!) One local cheese factory makes an extra fresh cheddar that is awesome!!! I like a drier colby cheese, mozzarella the fresh stuff is good too.
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I LOVE cheese! My favorite is probably Brie but I like it all... I love a good strong swiss cheese... ok, I like most cheeses and could eat it all the time.
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I haven't met a cheese I didn't like!

I guess my favorites are prevolone (deli kind!), cheddar (esp sharp sharp sharp!!!), pepper jack, colby, blue, swiss, feta, asiago, mozzerella, parmasean, romano, umm....thats all I can think of at the moment...
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I absolutely love cheese! Mozarella is my favorite but I love cheddar, swiss, pepperjack, monterey jack and parmesan.
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Mmmmmmm, I love so many....asiago, fresh buffalo mozzarela, brie, swiss, monteray jack, havariti, white american (for grilled cheese)...cheese, glorious cheese!
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I like Sharp Cheddar the best.
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I only like medium cheddar...I am not a freak for cheese or anything
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My favourite is feta but I also really like havarti, swiss, cheddar, old cheddar, mozzarella...anything yummy.
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My very favorite cheese is goat cheese, not from the grocery store, but from the import store that is preserved in salt water. You boil the salt out and eat fresh boiled or you fry in olive oil and eat with fresh bread.

I also love extra sharp cheddar ......... assiago and ricotta cheese.

I prefer my cheese melted
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I love cheese, except for really stinky cheese with mold in it! Unfortunately cheese doesn't like me because I'm lactose intolerant. I will have a little plain chedder or some mozzarella sometimes.
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I love it all! I am becoming more and more lactose intolerant though so have to eat it sparingly.
Feta, cheddar, swiss, everything. Never tried the warm curds though. Is that like fresh cows' milk?
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I pretty much love them all, smoked cheese is especially good, a munster cheese is a favorite of mine
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Mmmmmm cheese. Like bocconcini/mozzarella, parmesan, romano, havarti, cheddar - mild or medium, soft goat cheese, feta, brie and camenbert, but my all-time favourite is St. Andre's from France. Heavens - it's like eating butter but even tastier. It's softer and not as "rubbery" as brie. DD and I can sit and make a meal of it with crackers.
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Mozzarella! I love it so much. I used to eat cheddar all the time but I lost my taste for it a few years ago.
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I love cheese. My favorites are sharp Cheddar and Gorzangola!
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Cheese, cheese cheese cheesy cheese! Love 'em all! Except goat cheeses. I've tried to acquire the taste, but just can't get past the muskiness. Mmmmmm yummy yummy cheese. I could make a meal out of cheese and crackers, but DH would complain.
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I don't like cheese.........................

Oh my goodness! I LOVE cheese! Any kind of cheese. I am not sure what my favorite is. I guess if I had to choose it would be chedder.
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Ah, so many fellow lovers of super-sharp cheddar here! They can't make it too sharp for me.

While we were in Scotland in 2001, I bought a local extra-sharp white cheddar and lived on it for three days. With no refrigerators, of course, I had to use the block of cheese to prop open the window at night, so it would stay cold!

I also love a good nutty Swiss, like Jarlsberg... a nice Gouda (when I was a kid, I would mold the red wax into fake fingernails )... and best of all, Grana Padano parmesan! It's even better than the classic Reggiano.

Sometimes the best meal in the world is just a plate of cheese, crusty bread, and some grapes or tart apples.
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Just about any cheese except blue cheese. I just don't like the mouldy flavor of it. I love most of the goat cheeses...feta and mizithra... I love asiago, parmesean, mozzerella, swiss, cheddar....especially Vermont extra-sharp white cheddar, so many good cheeses out there...gosh, it's so hard to choose!
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mottz, xtra sharp cheddar, and munster, yum yum.
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I am a big cheddar fan, also marble, Colby, Edam and Gouda.
I like brie once in awhile which I eat with crackers, and avocado.
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MOZZARELLA.....omg, it's good.
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I LOVE cheese!! If I could live on it, I would.

My absolute favorite (if I have to choose) would be sharp cheddar. However, I also enjoy pepperjack, blue cheese, swiss, cheddar, brie, and anything with a smoky flavor.
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