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I think I did bad mistake

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I adopted a three months old Abyssinian kitten last month. I was very happy that she is very intelligent, friendly, socialized and brave. I tried to introduce water to her paws and give her treats to gradually teach her bathing (according to many websites that recommend how to bath a kitten). But after one week I noticed that kitten still badly fears of water and I depressed when I saw she does not trust my hand anymore when I want to put her on unknown surfaces (for example on vet's electronic balance). After one week I gave up that training, coz she had the spaying surgery. Now I want to fix this problem but I am not sure how.

Another problem that I am facing to is after spaying surgery I concerned she afraid to go out of home's door and fears of people and their voice, what she loved to do already. I have an 11 month old Persian cat who fears of people too. May she learn this kind of fear from my Persian? They do play "Chase me" game several times per days but always after around 10-20 minutes Abyssinian kitten withdraws of the game cuz Persian converts the game to wrestling.

I will appreciate for your professional comments.
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She could have learned a little from the Persian, but if she was social when you first got her, I don't know why she's afraid now? Are you single? Perhaps she needs to be reintroduced to more people. Have 1 or 2 friends over and play with her.

Abys usually are pretty outgoing cats. Hope she comes around and is less afraid soon.
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My Daphne was a bit different while healing from her spay. She had a difficult time due to her stitches and wearing the collar.

She had her stitches out last week and is now back to her usual self I think some cats just stress more than others.

Didn't you say she was also on antibiotics in another thread? Maybe just give her some time to adjust to life as usual again. Please do let us know how she does.
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I agree with Bonnie.
My Penelope acted "off" after the spaying for a bit. And she also was sickly around the time of that surgery and I recall with medication she was even more "off."

Extra snuggles and affection and hopefully she will be her old self soon.
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Thank you for your fine replies.

Yes, she got sore throat after spaying and she was on antibiotic for 6 days. Now her throat is fine and tomorrow I will take her to vet to open her stitches.

My spouse was on a trip a day after surgery till today, so just we three (Me, my Touareg [a blue tabby Persian] and Luna) were in home throughout last ten days and we had no guests at all during last four weeks but they view many people, cars, birds and squirrels and listen to them via a big window that opens from living room to parking and next door park.

Thanks again,
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Oh I didn't know she was spayed recently. Most of my girls were pretty quiet for a week or 2 after being spayed.
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