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Kudos For Nola

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My daughter just called me to say she had saved a cat for the first time...

She is in college and her boyfriend's mother told her that they heard a cat meowing under the house all night but it had stopped meowing and she was afraid it was dead. She went to the house and her favorite stray cat didn't come when she called so she was sure it was that one. Being the delicate flower that she is, she has never been under a house, but ANYTHING for an animal. She crawled under the house and released her favorite stray (the one with a knot in his tail that she calls knotty) from a wire hanger under the house. The wire was wrapped around it and hung up at his hip. Nola is certain that the cat would have died right there. She didn't even care if her belly button was full of mud and animal poop!

Now Nola is the cats favorite stray human!
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This is such a thankless job, as far as other humans are concerned, but in the eyes of this kitty, it will never be forgotten!
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Thank goodness for people like Nola! Her reward will be seeing that cat alive and well, because of her. Too bad she's still in college. I'll bet she feels a special bond with that kitten! Poor little thing must have thought it would never be free again. Thank Nola for us.
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Oh My Goodness! Please tell you daughter she did a wonderful thing in saving Knotty!! Poor kitty, at least now he will know what it is like to have someone care about him.
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BIG pat on the back for your daughter! It's amazing what you will do when a life is hanging in the balance (no pun intended). All we did was punch a hole in the wall of our apartment to get the kitten out of the wall, but I would have done just about anything hearing that cry. I'm sure it was the same for your daughter. I bet she and Knotty have a pretty special little bond from that!
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That's a great story, your daughter deserves to be congratulated. I'm sure she and Knotty will have many happy years together.
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That was so wonderful of your daughter! She sounds like she has a very big heart!
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