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My Kitten, Zoe

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This is my kitten Zoe. I posted a question thread about her earlier, and she's the sweetest little thing.
She's about 4 weeks old and she has an eye infection, but that doesn't stop her from being adorable.

So just a quick question. I feed her canned food every six hours and let her eat what she doesn't finish in between. Is this okay?
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Awww, she is absolutely adorable!!!
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Are you feeding her kmr ???

if not i would advise you to buy some from a vet or a local pet shop she is obviously young and if with mum she would still be feeding off of her kittens shouldnt be eating kitten food till about 6 weeks my kitten that was abandoned with his litter is eating food now but is still getting 2-3 servings of kmr and he is 8 weeks.

she is a very pretty girl is she brown or black my little boys is black. what did the vet say about the eye infection ? did he mention kmr ?
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I would not let the canned food sit around for hours waiting for her to finish. Cut back the amount you give her so she eats it all in 1/2 hr at the most. And then offer that amount an extra time (so if you are feeding her twice a day, you'd feed her 3 times a day with a little less canned). Still equals out the amount but you don't have it sitting around.
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just read your other post... so forget about the vet questions when you do go to see the vet then ask all questions you can think of expecially diet and hopfully she gets better soon poor little mite. Also try not to leave wet food out as all sort of bacteria can develop.
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her kittens shouldnt be eating kitten food till about 6 weeks
Actually, kittens technically can be weaned at three weeks. I wouldn't advise it, but it's possible.
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her kittens shouldnt be eating kitten food till about 6 weeks
I started offering food to my oldest litter when they were 5 weeks old, and the younger litter was 4 weeks at the time and very interested in the food. They were all eating both dry and canned food by the age of 7 weeks.
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sorry i guess we differ in opion on this one in working in rescues bettwen 4-6 weeks we use kmr on a plate, at 6 weeks old we start food which means kittens should be fully weaned by 8-10 weeks we dont start food until 6 weeks and diffently not at 4 weeks
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Well she actually does fine with regular food... Perhaps she's older than four weeks, but I'm not sure.
When I took her to the vet the day I got her they told me not to feed her milk because it would give her diarrhea. She's mostly been eating canned food but I decided to try some normal kitten food with only a little water added to moisten it and she ate it without a problem.
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