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Going to file for Unemployment tomorrow...nervous!

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Why I don't really know, but I am! I've read the info booklet on-line and found what I need. Looks like I may also be required to sign up for job search assistance with employment & training. Yay.

I have to apply for one new job each week which I guess isn't bad, but the past few weeks I've been seeing the same few ads so I'm going to have to get creative. Which I guess is something they want.

Oy! If you think of me tomorrow, say a prayer please!
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Good luck Leighann. I know you'll find something great!
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Will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers ....... Im sure you will do fine.
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You will be in my thoughts tomorrow....
Just remember, you paid for that unemployment insurance.
It is yours to use when you need it.
Don't let them intimidate you.
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That whole process has changed since I went through that...Best of luck ...Hope you find what you are looking for.
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Good luck
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I am on unemployment because I was unemployed for 2 months and now I only work part time so I still receive money. I am not sure where you are from, but here its just an online application that takes about 20 minutes and then once every 2 weeks you fill out a quick report about how much money you have made and thats it.

Good Luck!
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Good luck tomorrow

You should do some cold calling for jobs. Usually by the time a job hits the paper it's already been filled and if it hasn't been there are hundreds of applicants.

Most of the jobs I've had I got just by randomly dropping off resumes.

If they offer you job training, take it! You can't have too many qualifications these days

Also, I would suggest applying for more than 1 job per week. And always, always follow up with the people you left a resume with. People tend to hire those who show initiative and eagerness because that demonstrates to them that you are reliable, follow through and someone that can be counted on to get the job done.
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Good Luck!
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Thanks guys! I've got about 6 apps out already so my fingers are crossed for that. Although I am enjoying this little rest here!
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its not hard, and here u file on line.
i also had to go to some training thing, which was a total waste of my time.
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Good luck!
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i had to apply too. Lucky for me i could do it all online, and they sent the paperwork in the mail.

I too am enjoying the rest, believe me,lol.
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Good luck!
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Good luck!

I work for Employment Insurance in Canada, so I just have to say that just because you have paid into it doesn't mean that you are going to get it - conditions always apply.

I am sure however that you will be fine and get it without a problem.
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I just got home. I only had to wait about half an hour before someone could see me. Then I got through most of the paperwork before we got to my severence pay. The lady I was working with actually said that I could apply still, but because I'm getting 2 weeks of severence pay it would need to be reviewed and what not, so she suggested I fill out a self-application and turn it in the week after I get my severence. So that was easier than I thought, though I will have to sign with employment & training too.

Oh and I ran into one of my old students who was going in for a mock interview because she's got an interview with the state.
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I just saw this thread now...

I'm glad to see it seemed easier than you thought. Hopefully you do get it once your severance is paid
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