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kitten vomiting?

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the fosters kittens are now 7 1/2 weeks old. they all are thriving, but one. hes a black and white male. While he is getting bigger, he seems to have gone off his foof in the last 4 days.

suddenly he hates his dry food. He eats wet food, then a few hours later, vomits some back up.

I took him to the vet, but he just said that he might be eating to fast, and to try to slow him down. Dosent work well,lol. Today he didnt seem to want to do anything but play, drink water, and sleep. Does this seem normal? he hasent vomited today, but has slept ALOT. He also hasent eaten. SO he got me a lil worried, and i bought some cat milk. I got him to take about 2.5 tablespoons before he had had enough. hes not dehydrated either, just sleepy.

Could he be going though a growth spurt, and his tummy isnt liking the current food?

He plays, and drinks water, just not into food. He will prob eat when ready right?

The rest of the munchkins are eating like piglets and are fine.
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try a small amount of chicken just to see if he will eat it, at least then you will know if its he dosnt like his current food or something else is wrong. but its not normal for a kitten to go more then a day without eating.
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How is he doing today?
Still vomiting? Does he have any diahrrea?
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hes alot better today, thanks for asking. I figured out its hairballs, but not his own hair,lol.

its Sace or Unos long hair, how hes doing that i have no clue,lol
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