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Drinking water...

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Mickey does just fine with his formula. I am starting to try to add canned food mixed with the formula in his bottle and also I alternate Whiska's cat milk once a day or so in addition to his formula feedings. My question is if he is drinking all this milk and formula how much water does he need? I try to give him at least half a dropper full,(the only wayI can get it in him)once a day. He is about 5 weeks now still not interested in food, or water.Should I just give him more time to eat soilds and drink water?? I put a platter of water in his room each night just in case.
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I would keep a low lipped bowl around that is accessible at all times. Some kittens are more difficult to wean onto solids than others, just keep trying on a daily basis, you can do it 2 ways, go the canned (wet) food route, or you can use the KMR or warm water to soak on kibble (dry) food, once moistened and soft, you can try to feed the kitten. One day they just seem to figure it out and start eating and then you won't get them to stop.
He is probably getting plenty of water to stay hydrated through the formula, but he does need to begin starting to learn to drink water, which will come within now to a few more weeks.
Mods may want to move this into pregnant and kittens area to get more responses. Best of luck.
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