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There's no place like home... for Dorothy!

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Dorothy is home at last!

It didn't look good when E.M. (who had taken Dorothy home) postponed the 3:00 rendezvous until 4:00, and then arrived late... but she did arrive, and so did S.F. (the new mom), and of course I was there, too, with a bag of Dorothy's favorite food (Merrick canned) and some toys and a crocheted dangly thing I made for her.

I really like S.F. -- she's a lovely woman about my age, and she has a two-year-old orange tabby male named Murray at home. Between the shelter and me, she's gotten all sorts of input on how to introduce them, and she also has a grown daughter who lives in Massachusetts who has been through that process herself.

When I had Dorothy here, she did not have a limp at all -- but she does now, and although X-rays show no injury to the bones, it's clear that something is wrong. It could be nerve damage from the injection of anesthetic when they tried to spay her (again), or maybe she was just hurt somehow while at the shelter. Either way, I feel terrible about it... I'm just hoping it's a sprain that will repair itself.

S.F. is going to take Dorothy to her own vet next week, though, and see what he has to say about it. But even if it's a permanent condition, that's okay with her, bless her heart... she loves Dorothy as she is.

S.F. called me a bit ago to say they'd gotten home fine, and as soon as she sat down on the sofa, Dorothy hopped right up into her lap. What a sweet kitty! After all she's been through over the past couple of months, to still be so trusting and friendly... she's really something special. She's already eaten some, too, and seems perfectly at ease in her house... so that's great news!

Murray, of course, will have the last word.

So... at last, Dorothy is in a calmer, more stable environment where she can settle down and feel like she belongs. S.F. knows she may try to go outside, since she's accustomed to that... so she's going to be extra careful about doors. And she's promised to stay in touch and let me know how things go!

I did tell her about TCS, and I hope she'll drop in on us sometime. Oh by the way -- Dorothy's new name is...

...wait for it...

Zsa Zsa!

Murray & Zsa Zsa! This lady has a sense of humor!

So... I'm really going to miss The Kitty Formerly Known As Dorothy... I already do... but it's so good to know she's in a safe and loving home now, no longer in danger of falling through the cracks.

I thank you all so much for your very real help and moral support through this whole process! I you guys!
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that is really great to hear!!!!!
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That is great to hear...what a great Sig
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What happy news! Im so happy for Dorothy/Zsa Zsa and for you!
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That's great news!!!!! I really hoped that SF would be able to take Dorothy. That other person who had taken her home sounds like she didn't want to have her adopted for some reason.

I'm so glad that Dorothy now has a forever home with someone who loves her enough to have waited and waited to take her home.
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That is wonderful news to read. I have been following your posts, and just didn't have much time to respond. It was so wonderful of you to follow through with everything for Zsa-Zsa aka Dorthy to get her home.
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Oh hearing this makes me sooooo happy! This just totally made my day! Yay Zsa Zsa aka Dorothy!!!!
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That's sure good news! Great job getting her with the right person, Carol!
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That's wonderful! What a great Independence Day for her!
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I'm so glad she is finally home - such a long way from being on the neighbor's roof.

You did a wonderful job taking care of her.
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I had a number of people all over the internet looking out for Dorothy in the hopes that a good home could be found for her. I sent out word that she has a wonderful new home now and everyone is thrilled!!!!!

You did a great job looking after her and getting her into the shelter and finally in standing up for Dorothy and SF so that they could be together.

What a happy ending to a RL love story
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Wonderful news about ZsaZsa.

I just hope she doesn't try to slap Murray...
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I'm so glad you got it all to work out! I hope her leg will be O.K., too.
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At last the right outcome to a difficult situation. I hope Zsa Zsa enjoys her new home.
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This is wonderful news! Just hope she doesn't live up to her new name You truly are her hero!
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Good work all around and Zsa Zsa - don't beat Murray up too badly - he is your brother now.

I hope everything settles quickly for her and her leg heals up nicely.
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I am so glad that she now has a forever home, it sounds like SF truley loves her.
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That is wonderful news. It's always great to see happy endings.

Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Wonderful news about ZsaZsa.

I just hope she doesn't try to slap Murray...
She'd only do that if Murray wears his little police outfit.
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thats wonderfull. I was thinking about dorthy and this news out a smile on my face. Animals deserve to have a home and looks like shes found hers.
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Thank you so much for all your good wishes! S.F. says Zsa Zsa seemed perfectly content in her private room last night (the study), used her litterbox without incident, and even enjoyed some of Murray's special anti-crystal food! (That's okay for her, right?)

Murray, on the other hand, stood watch outside Zsa Zsa's door all night long, protecting S.F. from the alien intruder.

The smell-exchanges and blanket-under-the-door introduction techniques have begun, and all seems well. And in a couple of weeks, when everyone has settled in, I'm going to be invited to visit!
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zsa zsa....NICE...fancy name for a fancy kitty :-)
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Oh, that is such good news! I'm sure Zsa Zsa/Dorothy will be very happy. Sounds like she is settling right in. Has Murray ever had a kitty playmate before?
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
And in a couple of weeks, when everyone has settled in, I'm going to be invited to visit!
& you'll take for us to see, right?
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I'm so happy things have worked out for Zsa Zsa (thanks to you).
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Awwww, great news!!!
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I am glad she seems to be settling. Hopefully Murray takes a shine to her!
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Auntie Em!! Auntie Em!! I've found a home and they are calling me Zsa Zsa now!

You know what's funny about this Carol? My DH and I moved from a high rise apartment in the city to a little farmette in the country when we first were married. We joked for years that we lived on "Green Acres", which made me Zsa Zsa. Then we move up to Kansas and I took on the business name Auntie Em and make constant Dorothy and Toto jokes. You are right, there's no place like home!!

I will be rooting for this girl - she's nearly a namesake to me on a few counts!!

Way to go!!
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Calico -- yes, Murray used to have a companion, but he passed away a couple of months ago... so I think Murray will accept his new friend eventually. Let's just hope Zsa Zsa accepts him! I don't think she was on the street for long, but there are some unneutered males wandering the neighborhood, and I'm sure she learned to be wary. Surely she'll realize that Murray is no longer a macho man, hm?

Laureen -- yes ma'am, the camera will go with me for sure! I can hardly wait to meet Murray -- he's a two-year-old orange tabby, S.F. says. A full photo report will be made, I promise!

Amy -- that's so funny! I'd been thinking there was no logic at all to going from Dorothy (which is my mom's name) to Zsa Zsa -- but you've just provided some! I'll have to tell S.F. about that, and about the remaining Auntie Em goodies for sale, too.

And thank you all for your kind words... I didn't do much, really, just tried to keep watch over my girl, and pitched a gentle fit when it was called for. By the way, I've talked with J.B. and thanked her mightily for making the adoption happen -- she was very nice, and I'm really glad to "know" her now. It may make it easier for me to work on future problems. (I was going to get down there today with a little present, but it will have to wait for Monday -- with all this rain, we have a big erosion problem in the side yard, and I've got to go tackle it in a bit.)
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