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Monday DT

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Well - I'm just bursting to share this!

Today, my new little marketing company won it's first job - and it's a biggie - worth about GBP25K!!!

We are translating and doing the page make-up on some operations manuals for a world-reknowned ice-cream brand.

I've been nurturing this one for a couple of weeks and it's finally broken!! I'm so excited. Thing is it's a lot of work and we have to have it completed by end January. Never mind, I'm sure we'll manage.

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Great news Yola! Congratulations mate!!
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WTG Yola!!
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Wow, congrats Yola

That is really great for your first job, you must be bouncing off the walls.

My monday has been ok, unfortuantly I have been spending more time in the office due to someone being on long term sick, wgich means I have to put up with the manager who alternates between being in a foul mood or trying to be your best friend.

On the plus side I worked out I had cleared 50% of my outstanding work in 2 weeks which means I won't have to be working in my spare time over christmas.We also have our team outing to the pub tommorow lunch and are being taken out on friday night. The main thing I love about my job are all the free parties.

A recent interesting development has been that me and Richard have discussed starting a family. I have spoken to a doctor as I have some health issues with having a high chance of miscarriage and she has arranged a hospital visit for after christmas to take some better tests than I had when I was diagnosed.
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Yola - that is fantastic. I am positive you will do a fantabulous job!

Wibble - good luck with the baby making - maybe we will both become preggers early in the year - that would be exciting.

Busy day at work, but I keep sneaking over here instead of doing what I am supposed to (shame). I am going after work to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping. I am going to one of the busiest malls in Toronto. On Saturday they had 750,000 people in this one mall alone! I hope it is emptier tonight!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week!
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The usual, here. Its 68 and sunny but our overnights are dipping into the 20s. I'm glad I bought those flannel sheets, Saturday.

Friday, Western Warehouse had this really great sale - men's dress shirts were all $19.99. I went there and found the perfect shirt for Bill. So far, so good. Decided to browse the women's dept. Nothing there really appealed to me.

A little voice kept calling to me, from the boot dept. I strolled back there and, lo and behold - there was a pair of fancy-stitched, lavender-and-purple wing-tipped tall tops! It was the only pair, there and they were my size. I tried them on. They felt good and looked good. What was I to do? Besides, they were 30% off.

Hi, my name is Cindy and I'm a shoe-aholic. I have bought three pairs of boots, within the past month.

Bill's no help. He just says, "Baby, if you want 'em, get 'em." I expect him to talk me out of these things.

Have a good week, all.
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Yola that's fantastic!!

Good luck on the babies, to both of you Marie and Adrienne. May the new year bring a new life and love into your homes.

Cindy those boots sound really cool! I have the same problem with Earl...he never talks me out of anything when it comes to shopping. Actually, I think he likes shopping more than I do, and I'm the one who usually has to talk him out of stuff.

Busy day at work today, but at least it's not hard and fast deadline things today. Last week was just crazy busy all week for me, but I still managed to check in here more than I should have. We have Earl's Christmas Party tonight for the night club he DJs at. Should be fun. We'll see how late we get home tonight...I'm thinking it could be quite late.
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