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All I can say is try to keep your cat inside, mabye only letting him out for 3 hours per day and keep him inside the rest of the day. That way he can go out, but not for too long. The less they are outside the better.

I doubt he would turn feral, I took in a feral who reverted to a friendly house cat, and if she escapes outside she doesnt go crazy and run away, just sniffs around and comes back in by herself.

A dog or coyote may have chased him away, he may come back once he gets over being frightened.

Leave canned food out when its calm out that may help!

Hope you find him.
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Just checking to see if there was any news and to send some
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I am so very sorry for what you are going through. As people have stated here....in the ideal world all cats would be inside , but please know you are not judged for this at all, you have done a wonderful thing , taking in this beautiful kitty. I let my kitty out and after 4 days she was taken from me, I loved her more than I can put into words, yet I let her out, of course if I could go back in time ( oh wouldn't that be grand ) of course I wouldn't have, let her out, but that is my point. We love them and sometimes we lose them, either way we do our best, we love our best and we mean only the best, for our furbabies. Best of luck too you and you are in my prayers as is your furkitten Bless you
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I have not read this entire thread, so if someone has already said this, I apologize. Indeed the fireworks and partying of the recent holiday may have sent your kitty to a hiding place he normally doesn't go into.

Every time I have had a lost cat or a friend of mine has had one go missing, we have found them stuck in a neighbor's closed garage, up in the rafters of a closed toolshed, under a shed, or stuck under a porch. They are always scrunched into something like that. In every single case the cat was within the same block as its house and terrified.

If you have not rung the doorbell of every neighbor and gotten permission to really go and dig around in those cubbyholes, I think you should consider doing it.

The old man may have done something but it is a long shot compared to the more likely scenario that your kitty is stuck somewhere, possibly got trapped by another animal who owns the cubbyhole he ran into, and he is freaked out. Cats will stay in one hiding spot forever if they really get spooked.

Good luck, I know the heartache of having a missing kitty. It is like a little child out there not knowing how to fend with whatever is happening. If he is scared and disoriented (and by today that is probably the case, assuming he is alive and well) he will not respond to your calling his name and you will have to literally find him physically and then drag him out of wherever he may be. So roll up your sleeves and get a comrade to be with you for moral support if you know someone, and the two of you really scour ever single possible place, no matter how unoccupied they look and no matter how silent and absent of kitties it may seem.

Also don't forget the proverbial up-a-tree. I have not personally experienced this, but there are situations where the cat freaks out and gets stuck and disoriented and a predator down below keeps them trapped.

I know it may seem like a long shot but I think you will feel better and you will have the peace of mind knowing you went the extra mile. He could also be at one of his regular haunts and just stuck on something. If you know where those haunts are, track down to them and again talk to the neighbors so they know what you are doing. I put posters in every single mailbox for three blocks when my kitty went missing. I told people if they saw me looking not to think I was an intruder. Lots of them helped me and it was a comfort.

Good luck again. I hope you are able to rescue your boy!
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the pet detective seems awfully expensive, and I coulc not afford it. However, if I could I would probably do it, unless you think it is some sort of sham. I would defintiely want credentials and referrals.
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Sometimes it also helps if you put their litterbox outside... I know it's gross but they can smell it.

I accidentally let my sister's cat out when she was on her Honeymoon and I spent all night looking for him. I finally fell asleep for about three hours, went outside to start looking for him again... and heard a meow coming from under the kitchen in our own backyard! He was also a former feral / longtime stray (not sure which of course)

So I agree with Barb-- he is probably nearby, in a crawlspace or a shed or a treehouse or something. Take heart in knowing that he was once feral and he is used to going outside, so he's at an advantage even if he did wander far off and get lost.
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It's been six days now since I last saw him. I can't stop crying. I'm staying strong for my other two cats, but Marvin has been my best friend for the past three years.

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I think you should follow Barb's excellent advice and do an all-out search of the neighborhood; he may very well be locked in a garage, shed or cellar. Good luck, and don't give up hope yet.
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lots of positive come home vibes for sweet Marvin
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I hope Marvin comes home safe and sound and very soon.
Like the others have said he very well maybe hiding in plain sight and with all the fireworks and noise on the forth he may simply just be scared to come out of hiding, or he could be locked in a garage or shed right around your home.

My cats always stay indoors, but I've been told that the best time to look for a lost cat is early morning or just after it gets dark.
Maybe go out after the sun goes down armed with a flashlight and shine it into places he could be hiding, you'd be able to see his eyes glowing.
Or even just sit in your yard at one of those times and softly call his name.

Good luck, I'll keep you and Marvin in my thoughts and Prayers.
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I rang all the doorbells on my block and came with people to inspect their sheds - no sign of him. Last night I walked all around the neighborhood at least a mile through the fields around me as much as I could. I met lots of frogs and rabbits but no Marvin.

Thank you so much for all of your support. The people around me are telling me to forget it and move on, but it's now been six days. I just wish I knew one way or the other.
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Six days is fairly short actually, give it another week yet there is still alot of hope. Try whatever advice you can get.

Just my opinion, but if you suspect your neighbor may be doing this I dont see why he would need your number to call you, he can just walk to your house.

I wouldnt bother him again, instead ask your friendly neighbors to keep an eye on him for any suspicious activity. They may catch him doing something and then you have a witness to back you up. If he is doing anything.
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Thanks. I put the fliers up with my number in case somebody has seen him. I know that evil old man won't be a help but I'm praying he never got near him. I put almost 100 bright yellow and orange fliers up in the neighborhoods nearby!

Thanks so much for all the support I am getting on this board. It is really helping me through.
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I just saw this thread. I am praying for Marvin's return.
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I am rooting for you and Marvin too! Don't forget that he will be disoriented. I lost several days just walking around calling my cat thinking he would come running if he heard or smelled me. Your boy is either stuck or too frightened to move or disoriented. Get a flashlight and make sure you really see under those porches and sheds. A friend of mine checked under her own shed 3 times and only found the cat after she went back a 4th time with a flashlight and broomstick.

In the case of my kitty, he was in the next door neighbor's garage for 2 days. After getting my flier, the neighbor called and told me they had heard a critter and thought it was a raccoon, but it was probably my cat. They opened the garage door and my husband and I went over there. We called our Toby's name and he did not respond. We then went into the garage and there he was, crouched behind a box. I picked him up and he struggled to get away because he was so disoriented.

The thing is, they were opening and closing the garage for a few days but he just was too scared to come out. This also just happened to my sister. Her cat got out while she was out of town- a neighbor was looking in on her house for her and did not see the kitty run out. Her kitty ended up being in the rafters of the next door neighbor's garage too. They had to get a ladder and pry her out of the rafters. She had been there 5 days.

Anyhow, I know it is the worst thing not to have him around. But don't give up hope and think about giving the physical search another try. Use all your assertiveness again (it was hard for me to do this, in my case) and get into the neighbor's tiny spaces and garages!
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
I lost several days just walking around calling my cat thinking he would come running if he heard or smelled me.
Yea, people-- including me!-- often walk around calling for their cat like it is a dog or a child. Searching for a lost cat is about listening and thinking like a cat, even if he can hear you he is very unlikely to answer. In my case P. was under the house meowing in distress and I happened to hear him, it wasn't a response to me.
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I just want to send some good vibes that you find Marvin soon!
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thanks guys...

last night the neighbor girl from next door rang the doorbell and said she was sure she just saw my cat across the street. There is another tuxedo cat on the block who it possibly could have been, but I still got excited. My roommate said it can't be him because if it was him, he would come when I call and he wouldn't be hanging around outside but would be INSIDE.

I also put some dog food out by the front door (I heard it has a stronger scent than cat food) and it was untouched this morning.

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I have to disagree with your roomate on this one.
There's no guarentee that if you call him he's going to come to you.
Keep in mind that he's probably scared and confused.
If you see that cat again trying approaching him slowly and call his name softly...don't shout it...again because he's already scared and if you call him using a loud voice that may only frighten him more.

Another thing I don't understand is why your roomate thinks it's not Marvin because the cat was spotted outside

Instead of dog food, try canned tuna, canned salmon or warm deboned chicken.
Also you may want to check to see if there are any TNR groups in your area, they may let you borrow one of their humane traps..put the tuna, salmon or chicken inside the trap.

Still keeping you and Marvin in my thoughts and Prayers.
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I have a feeling that he got stuck somewhere or that he was taken by somebody. In my heart I think if he were nearby and capable he would come running home immediately. We have a very strong bond.

I just had a chat with a pet communicator. As you can tell I'm desperate. I'm not quite sure what to think.

I told her that he was a black/white tuxedo cat and she guessed he is short hair, with black fur around his eyes and a white V going up his forehead, and that he is a big cat.

She first said he was on the fence in our backyard walking along it. Then she said he was locked inside a house looking out a sliding glass door and could not get out. She said he was looking out or down on a picket fence. She said he was being very well taken care of and most likely adopted by someone nearby.

She asked if he had stomach problems and I said no, and then she said maybe he was being given strange food and his stomach was gurgling because of it.

Then she said it's possible he was trapped inside an empty house and his stomach was hurting because he was hungry and eating bugs.

So the story kept changing and all are plausible possibilities.

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I am so sorry Marvin hasn't come home yet. I am keeping you both in my thoughts. After going though my own missing cat dilemma this week, I know what you are going through.
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I am soo sorry you have still not found Marvin. I know your heart must be broken for your little lost boy. I would definately try the suggestion mentioned above about doing the food in a trap to try and coax him out of where ever he may be hiding if he is able to get out. Have you tried calling animal control to see if they have found any cats in the meantime?
I am hoping that you will find Marvin soon. Six days isn't really that long and I still think you have a good chance of finding him. Please keep us posted and don't give up!
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I went to the animal shelter last Thursday to see if he was there. I will go again tomorrow to check. They were closed today.
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I'm sorry that you haven't found him yet.
We'll keep you guys in our prayers

Here's a fleet of angels (9 for a cat's nine lives ) to help him find his way home...
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My prayers go out too you and Marvin at this difficult time. Stay positive and I will be wishing Marvin home too you. Best of luck and I will be thinking of you 2 and praying Marvin returns home safe and sound.
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just a thought to keep in mind...my cat smokey went missing for 3 weeks once. he was seen about 5 miles from home and came back THIN as ever but healthy. he was neutered but every summer would take off on little trips i truly believe cause he smelled girls(neutered late in life as he came to me at about 8 yo) hes since passed(at 16 yo tho there is always hope and cats are very clever at getting food/surving
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thanks so much.

I just saw a classified ad for a black and white spayed female found July 3, the day after I last saw him. Of course Marvin is a male but maybe they got confused????? Could it be? I hate getting my hopes up! can't wait till morning to call.
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Please be Marvin!!!!!
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worth a visit unless it was picked up by its owner...Fingers crossed for you!!!!
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The best way to find him is pounding the pavement and keeping close contact with your immediate neighbors. He is likely outside and nearby and very disoriented.

No matter how close you and he are, he is mentally in a survival state right now. It is not that he is not bonded to you, it is just that he is in such a trauma that he can only deal with the immediate situation he is in. For his little kitty mind, home may as well be a thousand miles away. That is why it is up to you to really be outside every day looking.

I feel horrible for you having to do this, I know it is so hard. When my kitty was missing, it felt useless after looking in the same places so many times and talking to all the people. But this is the most likely way to get him back.

It would be great if he was at animal control or found in the ad, but if you could not find him, there is not much chance one of the other groups has found him. It is good you are covering all the bases though.

My thoughts are with you. Hang in there and it will work out. If he is alive and reachable, you will find him.
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