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I just now saw this and I hope Marvin returns. I know this has to weigh on you...sending thoughts and prayers that Marvin returns!
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I haven't been on for awhile and was hoping Mavin would be back home in your arms. I'm so sorry to hear he isn't I have faith he will be home he just decided to take a venture try to think of it this way maybe it will help you .

You and Mavin are in my heart sending you a angel my friend
to watch over you both.
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thanks guys... I haven't given up hope.

The 7-11 by me took down my new fliers and the 7-11 in the other direction refused to put it up
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Originally Posted by mandini View Post
thanks guys... I haven't given up hope.

The 7-11 by me took down my new fliers and the 7-11 in the other direction refused to put it up

Why are the 7-Eleven people being punks? I guess they have some corportate standard/rule about general store appearance?

Anyways, if you haven't already, maybe it's worth a shot posting on There's a classified section for missing/found pets. I think it's free .
Here's the link:

You & Marvin are still in our prayers.......
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Still no Marvin. It's been one month and one day.

I think somebody took him.

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I'm sorry about Marvin. When I was little this lady stole our cat Ebony. She denied it, but we saw him in her window! Plus her neighbours confirmed she'd been feeding him regularly before we moved.

People can be so mean. I hope at least where ever Marvin is he is safe and well.
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madini, I will be up there for the next week. I don't know where you are located, but we will be looking for him in our area (NW area).
Lots of the college kids are starting to arrive, so don't give up.
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Originally Posted by mandini View Post
Still no Marvin. It's been one month and one day.

I think somebody took him.

Oh no.

I was so badly hoping you would have your Marvin back!!!!
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I am located in the NW area of Norman... between 36th and Tecumseh/Robinson.

On top of this, my landlord says I cannot keep Pete!!!! He says I cannot "replace" a cat that has died/disappeared. What the hell??

He also said something about the new cat replacing the one that "went to the pound."

WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN????? Maybe I'm paranoid but could my landlord have stolen my cat and taken him to the pound?

I am so pissed!!!
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I think you need to have a talk with your landlord and review your lease agreement and see about making a deposit for your cat if ok.

I am not clear about the landlord thing overall. Was your last cat ok to have on your lease? Please explain .
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By the way, have you walked around the neighborhood lately looking for your little boy Marvin? Even now, he could be in the area but scared. Also it sounds like you live in an apartment complex. It could be harder for him to find his way home.
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Oops I'm sorry, I read your recent posts and it sounds like you have searched nearby to your home to find little Marvin.

I thought when I lost my Toby that our connection was so strong I would know and he would find me or I would find him if he were nearby. Well it did not work out that way. He was stuck in the neighbor's garage and he made no signal nor did he cry for me or even know me when I finally got him 3 days later.

So even if your bond is strong, I hate to say it but he could be nearby and you don't know it. I would push your neighbors to search their properties, their sheds, their window wells, and most important, their garages.

As for your landlord, let us know the story on him and Marvin. Did you have a deposit or clause in your lease? What was his position?
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The problem is I don't have a lease - I live in a house owned by the business I work for. My boss is the landlord. I have lived here for five years and moved here (from California) with my three cats. They said that was fine. My boss has since decided that I cannot get a new cat if one dies. I don't believe that is fair at all. My whole life I have had three cats! What difference does it make?

When I first got here the cats scratched up the rug by my door (about a foot by half-foot area) but I don't feel too badly as the rug is absolutely filthy and already ruined to begin with by previous people who have lived here and needs to be replaced ASAP. They simply hate cats, but they wanted me to move here so they said I could bring them. I WOULD NOT HAVE MOVED HERE IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN they hated cats so much and would decide I could not have them.

I don't pay rent but they pay me less because I live in this house. If I moved out they would not pay me more. I make very little money.

I feel that I need to stick to my guns because my boss could be helping my cats disappear in an effort to remove all cats from the house.

I just don't understand where Marvin would have gone. He did not wander far, ever. My feeling is that someone took him.
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Originally Posted by mandini View Post
I just plastered the neighborhood with fliers, and put an ad in the local paper. I just refuse to believe that he would return feral after three years of being my baby.

Here is my handsome guy:

I thought it might be good to "refresh" Marvin's pics in this thread .
And to let you know we're still keeping you guys in our prayers

Is there any document/bill of rights that you signed when you entered their housing? If not, who says you can't keep Pete (can they force you to get rid of him?)

Your boss does sound really suspicious (check with the local pound, again?). If they are paying you less b/c they're housing you, can you ask for the equivalent as a housing stipend? (Of course, there's always the question of how much you love your job, including how good is the environment for you if your boss is so overbearing ... I'm not in your shoes, so maybe these questions are unreasonable I really feel for you , with Marvin missing, and the possibility of having to rehome Handsome Pete ) Please try to continue hanging in there and staying strong, and hopeful .

P.S. Don't forget to try listing (free) in the lost classifieds on, too!

Please Come Home, Marvin!
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My daughter is between Tecumseh & Robinson, just off of 35. The cats we saw in her complex so far do NOT look like Marvin, but I will let her know how close you are so she can keep her eyes open. And she will talk to her friends in the area.
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thanks so much Mom of 4.

I miss my Marvin so much.
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Originally Posted by mandini View Post
thanks so much Mom of 4.

I miss my Marvin so much.
Sorry to hear hes not made it home!!

Please Marvin~get home!! We are all worried sick about you!!!
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Renewing the "Marvin come home"
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Oh I really hope he comes home soon! I'm wishing the best. Marvin is in my prayers!

And if that one neighbor said that to me about Moonlight... he'd be the one tied up by the river.
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Oh gosh I am so sorry Marvin has not come home yet. I am still keeping you both in my thoughts, wishing him a safe return soon. *hugs*
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yesterday I got another false alarm... A woman SWORE she had him. I went over and it wasn't. The kitty wasn't much bigger than a baby either, reminded me of exactly of Marvin when I first got him.

She was in the area where there had been two sightings of the black and white cat a few weeks back - maybe that is the one they saw
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Originally Posted by kerry'n'ben View Post
hi, i know im new here but i read your post and manted to let you know im thinking of you. I have had a cat when i was younger and she often disappeared for weeks at a time and we could never figure out where she went and still have no idea i know this might not be comforting but stay positive!


i think that if you chose to keep your cats inside that fine, i will be doing the same and walking my cat on a harness. However, if others want to let their cat out and about that is there decision and it shoudl be respected wether you agree with it or not

I really hope you find your kittie, keep us posted - i will look out for your next post hope you and your cat are soon ...
Although I agree that the remark about the "stupid owner" was a bit harsh, please allow me to let you know where this person is probably coming from. I have a neighbor who has probably at least 15 cats that she rarely lets in her home. Their "home" is her front porch and the woods directly in my back yard. Their toilet is my front and back yard. Not only that...I noticed this evening that they had kittens!! These kittens are now helping themselves to my yard and walking through an enormous bed of poison ivy. When I say enormous, I mean ENORMOUS. Warning to anyone with an easy set pool...KEEP THE CATS AWAY OR DON'T GET THE POOL! What's a person to do?
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Just to let you know we are all still thinking of you and Marvin
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Still thinking of you and Marvin!!
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Any updates on this? I am praying for you and the safe return of your little guy Marvin
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Well I got a call a few days ago from around that same area about a half mile away where there have been several reports of sightings of a black/white cat. Someone caught a black/white cat right near there but it wasn't Marvin, so I was very disappointed.

Well this lady says a cat who looks just like Marvin has been peering in her window at night and getting her cat all upset. Her cat looks like identical to him but without the face spot, that is why she remembered him when she saw my sign. She lives right next to a creek/wooded area and thinks he could be hiding down there. I have had my hopes up so many times because there are so many Marvin lookalikes, but I refuse to give up my search.

I am going to go around to all her neighbors and ask them if they have also seen him, and try to get my hands on a trap.
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I have just finished reading through this thread and want to offer my support! Obviously the bond between you and Marvin is very strong. Keep thinking positive.

I had a neighbor who's indoor/outdoor cat just disappeared one day. There was no sign of the cat and we assumed it must have met an unfortunate death. One day almost a year later there he was. Just sitting on the driveway like he had never even disappeared.

You and Marvin are in my thoughts and I am praying for his speedy return!

Please keep us posted and if there is anything you need just ask
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