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Shelter Kitties Gone Silly (video)

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Okay, here's a video I shot of through of our shelter kitties... two are now adopted (or at least in foster/Petsmart/transferred to rescue, just not in the Cattery anymore). Those would be Bootsie and April. Hank still, as of yesterday at 3pm, needs a home. *shakes head* still don't get why he hasn't been adopted yet. He's such a lover. Okay, he's a BIG lover (a Norwegian FC). Anyway... April was being goofy... then she got persnickety with Hank... but with both of her male roommates being each twice her size, I'd be trying to assert dominance as well...

Shelter Kitties Gone Silly

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Aaaw!! What cutie pies! And that Hank is absolutely handsome! Thank you for sharing!
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AWww April is gorgeous!

What cute kitties!
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Great video! Don't you just want to bring them all home!
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I want to take Hank home, but JoJo would pack up and leave.

April was a young mother. She's only about a year old and had babies. One of her sons was brought in from the foster home... son was adopted quickly, and April has been adopted as well, I believe. Bootsie has as well. Hank is the only one of those three left.

When I started volunteering there, the rules were that a cat had to be there 10 days and did well with others in order to go into a colony room (the room where the video was shot). Also, the room had to be emptied and cleaned before introducing new cats. Now, just recently, it's been moved to 7 days and they have one of the foster moms come in and try integrating cats from the wall cages. As long as they're healthy and do well during introduction, they can go in to an established room... which will help us move cats around and get more available for adoption. Our Intake room is small...

I'd love to take them all... someday, maybe.

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They are all so sweet! Wish I could take Hank. He's gorgeous.
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Awwww, they are gorgeous kitties
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