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hehehe Hello everyone

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Hi everyone. This is my first post.. so um.. hi. I just got a cat, a new addition to my many collection of animals. (which include rats and fish and a dog) My cat, Twitch, was a stray. She was hit by a car and I went to go make sure she was okay. After making sure she was alright, she began to follow me home. And since then, she has not left my side, although she misses being outside. Sometimes I take her out on a leash. She's a precious little 7 month old tortishell. I love her dearly. Well, I've had her for 2 weeks, and just found out she might be pregnant. Wheeee Well, I have the time to take care of a pregnant cat and some kittens, thankfully. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and tell you all about my lovely Twitch.
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Welcome ALLoWeyo!

twitch sounds adorable
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Oh she is. Very playful. She hasn't learned that the rats are not a neat chew toy yet. But the rats have learned that chasing after a kitty's tail is not a smart thing. Its funny, she doesn't run out of the door. I have never seen a once outdoor cat turned indoor that doesn't want to run outside
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Your kitty sounds so adorable. She's very lucky she was found by someone with an open heart, and you're lucky to have her in your life. I'm sure you'll love this site. I've only been a member for about a week, but I'm on almost every day. Have fun browsing the forums, and post often .
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Welcome to the catsite. It sounds like she is very lucky you saw her. WOW hit by a car and still pregnant!!
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ALLoWeyo; Hello and welcome. Twitch stays inside because she knows she has found a good thing. Let us know if she is preggers. We love new babies here at the site. Hope to see you posting regular. That almost sounds like something a doctor would say. "Are you regular?"
"Yes, Doctor, I post daily."
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Yes, I am regular and I will keep everyone posted. Bye!
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So great of you to rescue Twitch - she sounds adorable! Are these large sort of rats? I wouldn't dare introduce any rodents to my Mishmish. I'm afraid it would have a bad effect on their lifespan.

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My rats are still babies. They're pretty little. Ivy is the runt of the litter and yet the dominant one in the group. weird. Anyway, the cats and rats are not allowed in the same room, if they are, then the rats are kept in the cage and a close eye is kept on my kitty.
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WELCOME!!!!!!!!! I also have a pet rat, and have had pet rats off and on for the past 20 years!!!!!! I love them!!!!
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