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Retail therapy today

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Neil is up at the farm with his brother so I said I was going to the mall

Lots of sales going on and I bought $100 worth of glassware (really plasticware) and serving bowls for using on the patio for $36!!
Some kitchen stuff at William- Sonoma (not on sale though)

Plus a pair of khaki pants and a tank top orginally $96 for $31.

Then more stuff I really didn't need either and a few more birthday gifts for m sister and one Christmas present

Overall not too bad of a shopping day.
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I wish I could afford retail therapy. With daycare bills, I just don't have much spare money. Well not if I want to continue having a savings account.
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It seems like a lot of stores are marking down their summer things right now. I bought eight outdoor solar lights the other day for only $20.
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Nice shopping spree I LOVE Williams Sonoma
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I went to WalMart, for cat/dog food and litter. They had some nice pinstriped, long-sleeved button-down shirts, marked down to $2. They only had one left, in my size but, I can always use another work shirt.
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Retail therapy sure is satisfying!
I've been looking for new leashes for about 2 months now, always checking the big pet store once a week for a sale. Well finally yesterday they had them on sale, 50% off! I bought two.
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