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This is further to my post about the Bengal mother cat.

The mother cat has been crying incessantly for days, especially at night. Her owner has been in contact with their vet several times this week (he is also my work colleague so I've heard him). The vet's advice yesterday was to separate the kittens from Mum, so they did that. Mum howled all the more! My colleague phoned the vet again this morning and the latest advice was to get Mumpuss out of the house altogether! Result is, I've got her for a couple of days. She is booked in to be spayed on Friday morning.

I spent some time round at my colleagues house with his wife this afternoon and was watching Mumpuss and her kittens.

It struck me that she is having an internal battle with herself.

On one hand, her instincts are telling her to wean her kittens (they are starting to eat kitten food) as when they try to suckle she stands up and tries to move away from them, but on the other hand, as soon as they mew, she's right there for them. She's a very, very good mother from what I've seen. This is her first litter of kittens (4). The kittens themselves are now 6 weeks old, nearly 7 weeks. They are easily the size of 9 - 10 week olds. They are big kittens.

Anyway, we have got Mumpuss here at my house for a couple of days, and herein lies the problem.

I've been watching her since we took her home. I have her quarantined in my son's bedroom and he's been watching her like a hawk. We have noticed that when she is sitting, she is rocking slightly back and forth. I've just spent some time with her and notice her breathing is quite rapid. If she were my cat, I'd have her up at the vets. My colleague doesn't use the same vet as I do, but I have had dealings with their vet once in an emergency and I don't think very much of them.

I have seen cats with kittens many times before but this is the first time I've witnessed this kind of behaviour, but what is worrying me is the rapid breathing. I'm wondering if she could have milk fever but not having seen that before, I'm not sure. I know this isn't normal behaviour. I have taken into account that she could be afraid. My colleague will be phoning me later on tonight. I think Mumpuss might be better back home and I take the kittens instead.

She is not crying here but will miaow if I talk to her.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Could you ring your vet and talk to him about this poor dear kitty? He may have some insight and may even have a look at her for you.
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Our vets have all gone home here now (2020pm) so it would be the emergency vets. I have used them before and they are very good but very expensive.

I have been doing a quick bit of research and I think she could have a mild case of milk fever. I am going to phone her owner shortly and see if he wants to take her to the vet. They don't have a car but I'd be more than happy to drive them there and back again. Milk fever is caused by a calcium depletion and can be very serious so I am more than a bit worried here. Personally, if she were my cat, she would be at the vets right now but I can't really do anything without the owners permission. It would not surprise me as I felt her teats this afternoon and they were engorged with milk. She let the kittens feed and that got rid of the milk but the kittens are draining everything out of her. I would say she needs to be on a special diet to put back what's been taken out.

Never once has my friend's vet said to bring the cat in for a check

I know that my own vet would have said "Bring her in now". They don't mess about.
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Could you phone the emergency vet for advice? I don't know what the policy is about speaking with a person who is not the cat's owner but it might be worth a try.

The poor kitty does sound unhappy and uncomfortable. I've never heard the term Milk Fever although I do know that nursing a litter is very draining on the momcat. I hope you and the owner can do something to help her.
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