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Cat Pooping Out Of Box Need Some Help

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Ok i need some help i don't think this is medcail.
But my cat has for at least two strat days pooped
on the bathroom rug.
She will pee in her box but poop in the bathroom.
Is there a reason why she is doning this?

Her poop is solid and she trys to cove it up with the rug.
She dose this at night but only once and we find it in the mornings.
So You see where i am confused here once a night and only after everone is in bed.

Any help would be greate.
Thank You Peggy
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If she has been to the vet and anything medical ruled out, perhaps you could try adding another litter box. Some cats don't like to pee and poo in the same box. This could be a start to at least ruling out reasons why she is doing it.
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I agree with Yosemite.

Also, constipation can cause a cat to look for a new place to poop.
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...that sometimes a cat will have constipation and think that it is because of the box they are using, so go elsewhere. I don't know what corrects this, but maybe someone else can help you with that part.
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My one cat hates a dirty litterbox and poops outside of it on occasion to remind us of this. So we now have two, one on each floor. Maybe try adding another box as was suggested above, but also try keeping the boxes clean daily and see if that is the problem?

Another issue to consider is the kind of litter. My one cat didn't like a certain litter we bought one day (I had a coupon and deviated from the norm). If health issues are ruled out, these may be the things to try next.

Good Luck!!
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[I ddid the outher box thing, it worked for one night.
I thought i was on to somthing but last night she wanted pee in that box.
So we took her reg kitty box cleand it out with hot warter and some soap and difetened and picked up the the one in the bathroom.
needless to say she has not gone sence.
So i put her kitty box in the hall bat in hops that she is seeking privecy.

I have Kaliey for a lil over a year now and this is a frist with her.
She is about 9 years old now and was stray left during hurcane ketrina.
So i am doning all i can to work with her.
keep the info coming it is much aspprecaided.

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Maybe you should put a litterbox in the exact same spot that she poo's on the rug. Maybe that will help.
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