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I just caught Caruso!

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Caruso is a HUGE orange male who has been visiting our house for about a year now. He always announces himself by singing at full volumn the instant he enters the yard and then, after getting a bite to eat, he sings until he leaves the yard again.

Caruso is at the vet right now being neutered and getting his shots. Yippee!!!
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Caruso will be singing falseto from now on then!!! HaHa!
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Too true....poor Caruso...switched from Alto to Soprano in just one afternoon!
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So is there room for him at the Inn? *G* Good job Renae, not lets just hope another one doesn't come in to fill his spot! Yeah, wishful thinking on my part!
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Great Job!!!!!! Here's hoping you enjoy his new singing voice just as much!

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...just thought of something - will he need to be renamed? Beverly?
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Poor Caruso....I'm sure the other cats will be teasing him about this as well!

MaryAnne, he is too wild to come inside, but he is welcome to move into the cat condo now that he has had his shots. Whew!

We have just one more (for the moment) who needs to be trapped. She is a small tortoise-shell with a gold triangle on her forehead. We call her Isosceles (for the triangle). She is very timid, though she is becoming braver as the days pass. I was actually trying to trap her yesterday, but caught Caruso instead. I think we will be able to socialize Isosceles pretty quickly and find a good home for her once I can actually get to her!

p.s. I'm assuming she is a she....aren't all torties female?
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I picked up Caruso this morning. The vet tech said that he was real lovey and even asked to be petted!!! Wow! He is so skittish at home...though I guess that is because of the other cats and the many dogs who live in the neighborhood. I will definately work with him and find a new home for him. Yippee!!!
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What great news Renae! We managed to adopt out Julius and Spooky together - and it has taken them less than a week to start exploring the new home and be loving nut-cases. It's amazing what happens when you bring them inside!

And yes, Christy (okeefecl) - a PhD in genetics, explained to us somewhere on the site that multi-color cats (not bi-color cats) have to be female. It has something to do with Xs and Ys determing color, and only females are XY, thus able to be multi color. So Isosceles is a female!

Good Luck! (Happy Hunting? ...somehow that just doesn't sound right!!!!)

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