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Going away.....

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for the weekend. Don't know what I should do about sammi, she is only 5 months old and is not ready to be left alone. I don't really have the money to put her in cattery so do I take her with?
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Can you get someone to come and look after her? I always had my cousin come and stay at my place when we went on vacation.
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Yes, she is too young to be left alone. Kittens are notorious for chewing and getting into things or getting stuck etc.

Can you have a relative come in once a day, or maybe an older child of a friend, or someone in your building like the caretaker?

If those aren't an option for whatever reason, then I would suggest taking her with you.
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I take Oliver anywhere I can, even though he is 5 years old haha... but I would definitely get someone to watch your kitten or if possible take her with you... on the plus side, if you start traveling with her now, she'll get used to it!
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I agree with the above post; if you ever intend to travel with her at all, now is the time to get her accustomed to it. But I do understand the hassle of bringing cats with you; if you stay in a hotel, some hotels do not allow access of pets. Check and see if you can find one. Even then there is a chance of her getting into some kind of mischief, but you can't neccessarily bring her everywhere you go with you. I think the easiest option would be to have a close friend or relative come by and check on Sammi while you are away.
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Well Im going to my boyfriend parents and she staid it would be alright to bring her. So i have decided I would feel happier taking her with me rather. So sammi is going on her first road trip.
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