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Cats keep going loo on the floor..

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Hope someone can advise on this. We've got 3 cats. Two of which are brother and sister.

For the past few months they've started weeing on the floor round the house. They also use the litter tray.

It's getting to the stage now where we feel we've tried everything - we're even considering giving them up!

The third cat always uses the litter tray.

Sometimes we manage to catch the cats before they do it - and if they go behind the sofa or upstairs we dont even know about it until it's too late.

We've tried sprays that supposedly deter them - these did nothing. The litter tray is changed very regularly and is always emptied of stools immediately after they do them. The vet also gave us some spray to put down but that did nothing either.

Is there anything else we can do? We're obviously concerned of the long term effects - not only the cats but to the house!

Thanks in advance!
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How many litter boxes do you have?

A good rule of thumb is (if possible) 1 more box than cats owned... cats can be particular and like to have a choice... for example, I've got a box in my room and a box in the basement... Oliver uses both, but will only go number 1 in the basement - all pooing is done upstairs, haha... same thing with water dishes - they like to have several places to choose from... your one cat that ALWAYS uses the litter may be exhibiting dominance over the other two and "ownership" of the litter which would deter the other 2 from going in the proper place... also, do your cats have their claws? Declawed cats tend to develop behavior problems since the litter can irritate their feet... another idea is they may not "prefer" the type of litter you're using (is this a new problem, or been around since day 1?)... I use clumping clay litter, but one time, I tried the all-natural made from wood kind of stuff and poor Ollie held in his business til I figured out he didn't like the litter! (Luckily, I figured it out on the first day! I ended up mixing his regular litter in with the all natural as not to waste).... ummm, trying to think of other advice, haha.... oh! what are you using to clean up their accidents? Certain cleaners can actually encourage this behavior because of their smells - I believe nature's miracle is the best idea for pet accidents....

I guess that's all I can think of right now... I'm sure others will be along!
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First, I would schedule a visit to the vet for a checkup, particularly a urinalysis if they are peeing on the floor. A medical problem (urinary/bladder infection) is the number one reason that a cat will stop using the box.

Oftentimes, if one cat starts using the floor for a medical reason, others will do the same just because of the smell. A UV ("black") light will help you find the spots that you might not know about. Cat urine will glow green/yellow under the UV light.

When they pee or poo on the floor, it's critical that the smell be eliminated. Even if you can't smell it, they probably can. Nature's Miracle or a similar enzyme cleaner will do the job. Ammonia containing cleaners will make the urine smell stronger. I have been successful with a 50/50 vinegar/water mix for minor messes.

When they are caught in the act, don't yell or scare them. That only encourages them to find a more private hidden place to do it next time.

Consider the number of boxes. If you have 3 cats, I suggest a minimum of 4 boxes.

Consider the type of litter. Most cats prefer soft, fine, clumping clay litter. Unscented is best. Some of the "natural" litters are OK, but only if your cat likes them.

Consider the type of boxes they have. Most cats prefer an open (not covered) box. Bigger boxes are better. Most commercially available cat boxes are too small. I suggest rubbermaid tub containers like you'll find at Wal Mart in the housewares section.

Consider the location of the boxes. Keep them away from noisy appliances, well traveled areas, and away from their food. Cats don't like to pee or poo near their dining spot(s).

The most important thing is the first one I mentioned - a vet visit. I hope you're able to get the issues worked out successfully.
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assuming the vet rules out any medical causes... i recommend the Cat Attract litter. it worked really well for Firefox. i've started mixing in WBCL with it, & she's still being very consistent! prior to this, she would poo in the box, but pee on the floor.
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Haha, way to go me for missing the obvious vet check up in my first post!

But yes, a vet check up would be a good idea!
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