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Guarded Good News - I think Aspen's staying

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It's midday on July 4th and Aspen hasn't stalked or lunged at or chased Pumpkin in about 24 hours. Usually she would have done it at least 4-5 times just this morning. He's approached her tentatively at least 3-4 times this morning, and she smelled his nose once, laid down another time and pretty much just ignored him although in a much more friendly way the other times. She's even being slightly more friendly with me over the last day or so (and I didn't even give her the Elavil the vet had prescribed). Maybe she just needed a little more time. Pumpkin does have a tendency to charge forward like gangbusters in his attempts to make friends.

Maybe she sensed that I was close to taking her back so she decided to shape up. But, I think it may be something else. I'm not a religious fanatic by any means or anything, but I do believe in God, so I thought....ok, what do you do when you need a miracle....you pray. I did several times over the last few days for this little chick to start being nicer to my Pumpkin and lo and behold, at least today, she is. I can handle an occasional chase or lunge or stalk, but not every time she sees him. I've praised her profusely every time they were near each other and she didn't chase him. And, he's so cute. He would approach her very gingerly not knowing when or if she was going to launch her attack, looking at her for any sign of when it was coming, and when he'd realize that she wasn't going to chase him I could clearly see his body relax. He still approaches her with caution, but the nice thing is he approaches her.

I'm still going to see how it goes and I'll use the Feliway diffuser when it comes, but I am much more optimistic this morning about keeping my little Aspen (see, now I'm even calling her my little Aspen instead of what I was calling her [a word that begins with a "b" and ends with an "h"].

I'm still going in a little bit to Wendy's Feline Friends to see her cats, but I don't think I'll be taking one home today, unless I fall in love with one and decide to have three (please God no). I'm going to take her some canned food I have that no one will eat and a bunch of fresh catnip that I grow in my yard and maybe even a donation, but I think Aspen's safe for now.

I just took a roll of film to be developed with them on it, so when I get it back and can figure out how to load pics onto this site I'll let you all see them. I love when I'm reading about everyone's cats to be able to see what they look like. They're all so cute.

And thanks to everyone who offered advise. It really helped if for not other reason than to calm ME down.
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Wonderful news!
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Yes, and it's now Thursday night and she still hasn't lunged/stalked/chased him, at least not when I've been around. And, he's acting a lot happier too. I got the Feliway diffuser today and plugged it in to try to keep the good vibes going.
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