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Nakita is Free!!

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Nakita finally had her stitches out on Saturday. She also finally shed that horrible collar that kept her from licking her stitches. She is one happy kitten!

She is absolutely bouncing off the walls. Imagine restraining a kitten for 11 days. What is the result??

A maniac furball terminator ready for anything! We have nicknamed her Nakita the Terminator! No bottle cap or black shoelace is safe from her kitten energy. Resistance is futile!

(Don't tell Nakita - but i'm happy to go along for the ride)

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Oh Kassandra, I had to laugh at Nakita the Terminator! Woo hoo for Nakita!! Although now she won't be able to receive classified sattelite transmissions from the CIA.
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Actually, they implanted special small "transmitters" under her fur. They only do this with Russian Blue's because of their coat having a double layer (it's easier to hide from the Darth BuNN's of this world). Their innocent looking faces also are deceptive....look out!


Don't worry, she's still Canada's secret weapon.

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Ooh ooh ooh! Coco and Poppy have weird little transmitter thingies too but I don't think they're the same. Theirs don't beep or flash like I imagine Nakita's does. Also, does hers send faxes and e-mails? :laughing2 :laughing2

We gotta watch out for that BuNN - he's running around medication free!! I'm worried but I'm glad we have Canada's 007 on the case.
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Bless her heart! Thank goodness she is free! I can imagine she pretty happy! :blubturq: Bounc'in off the walls!
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Yeah Nakita! You are free to save the world from the evil Darth Bunn and his kitty army!
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Yeah for Nakita! I'm sure she is quite happy to be able to romp again! In all her pics she has that little mischevious gleam in her eyes.
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All right, BuNN, bring it on. The Terminator is back! And the stun guns await.
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YIPPPEEEEE for little Nakita!!!!!!

Keep that camera ready for any outrageous moments!!!!!

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I'm happy to hear she is doing so well!!!
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Kassy Mate that is such good news!!!!!!1 Her cyber cousin is doing flips in her honour!!! and her cyber Aunty is so happy! give her big smooches from me and tell her to enjoy the flying!

I think I and Yoda must have upset Darth BuNn cause he has been a bit quiet! Hmmmmm what dastardly plan is he cooking up this time?
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