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Infected Whiskers? Ingrown? Pls help

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Hi everyone.

My 6 year old, Trixie seems to have a sore at the base of her whisker.
It was white when we first noticed it about 6 months ago. Just thought it was a pimple.
Today we noticed it was bright, angry red. We applied some peroxide. The sore was all around the whisker.. so we took the whisker out, thinking it might be the problem.

I pressed two q-tips together against it (like I would for my own pimples) and it oozed a little bit. We continued to clean it. She seems fine. Still eating and being happy.

any idea what this could be? I kept thinking an ingrown whisker b/c she does lose a few now and then.

Any ideas on how to treat this. The sore started as a pin head size. it's now about the size of half a dime.

Pls help.
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The peroxide perhaps made it larger. Peroxide burns the tissue around the wound. If you do use peroxide it should always be diluted.

Have you telephoned your vet to ask about it? I would suggest stopping the use of the peroxide and keeping an eye on it. Unfortunately cat sores often heal over on top too quickly which allows infection to grow rapidly underneath.

If it doesn't seem any better within a day or two, I would definitely call the vet as it could be an abscess.
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Thank you.

She is kinda acting strange now. I think she is mad at us for messing with it. It's bright red and shiny looking right now. It's bulging up, like a pin head. I put some neosporin on it.

Hopefully, it will dry up and go away. If not, we will take her to the vet this week.
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