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Poor, poor neglected Penny

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Penny has just informed me that she's been feeling a tad bit neglected by me as I'm scrambling to get packed and moved into the new apartment. She spends her "alone time" in the kitchen, crying into "her" pillow (I thought it was mine, one of a set of three, but she's informed me otherwise.)

Here she is, feeling so alone. Awwww.

"Don't even look at me, New Meowmy, I'm not pleased with you right now."

"I told you not to even look at me. MUST you take my picture?!"

"Oh for Pete's sake, would you please just go away?"

"OK, that's IT. I'm ignoring you now, like you've been ignoring me. La-la-la, you don't exist to me."

Doesn't the poor girl just look miserrrrrrable??

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That is hilarious...great captions
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Great photos and captions
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What gorgeous colors and markings she has
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Great captions, Betsy. She sure is putting the evil eye on you for disrupting her.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Originally Posted by mrjonah View Post
What gorgeous colors and markings she has

Thank you. She is a Bengal, and I just adopted her a month ago from another TCS member, Kai Bengals of Meridian. Nial and Teri responsibly breed THE most wonderful, sweet-natured, wild and crazy Bengals.

My mostest favoritest markings on Penny are the little tiny dark stripes that mark each of her "wrists" seen in the pic above. Those two little bars just fascinate me for some weird reason, and always draw my attention.

Maybe someday she'll love me enough to let me kiss each of them.

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OMG - that pic above is awesome! She is absolutely gorgeous & looking like royalty there w/ the golden "throne" & the dyson vac just in the corner Reminds me of those old "snooty" Grey Poupon commercials -- in a good way
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Well...she IS a retired Queen...

I guess I'll have to let her keep the pillow.
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Geeezzzz Betsy - couldn't you tell the poor girl was trying to SULK?

And yes, Penny, we can tell from your bright eyes, shiny coat, and lovely build that you are truly being neglected. We'll have a word with that mean ol' Meowmy for ya, k?
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Sweet Princess Penny you look really glorious and regal sat in that beautiful chair

great photos - love the caption, so funny
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She is gorgeous. Do you think she chose that chair to match her colouring?
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
She is gorgeous. Do you think she chose that chair to match her colouring?
Almost everything I own matches her coloring.

I was looking at my three just last night and thinking: a golden tiger, a golden-brown Bengal and a golden-brown torbie...I think I've got a theme going...

I might need to get a blue kitty - just to break things up a little for the eye.
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Awwwwwww Penny, are you in a huff with your mum like my Sophie is with me

I think you and Sophie need to get together to tell each other how you feel, because this was her tonight, she couldn't even look into the camera for me

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Well, that's just a travesty! Ignoring royalty like shall not be borne!

To rectify this most grievous wrong, you must send her to me immediately! Here she will have attention showered on her as is befitting a queen!

When shall I expect her?

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Those pics of Penny sure attracted Kahu's attention! She is a stunner!
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I see the princess is still spoiled.
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what great pic and such a royal looking kitty
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You big meanies! You and Rosiemac have been neglecting those beautiful girls. Then you have the nerve to take their pictures.
50 lashes with a wet noodle!
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Maybe you shouldn't post pics of her looking so neglected...Nial and Teri might want to come and take her back!

She's really a gorgeous girl!
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