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A sign from God...how WEIRD!

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I thought I would post this under here so that it would have a better chance of being shared!

As we know, Angel passesd away Thursday and I have had a terrible time dealing with it. The night before last when I was in bed, I was talking to God and I asked him to show me a sign...ANY sign at all...that Angel was there with him and ok. When someone is in grief, there can be many doubts about different things and I just needed a sign that she was there.

When Angel passed away, my mother had threw out her dishes, litter box, and before she threw out her brush, she cleaned out the hair and tossed it out of the back door. Angel shed like crazy so we always tossed the hair outside so it wouldn't make a mess in the house. That was like Thursday. She told me that last night she was thinking that maybe she should've saved some of that hair.

My mother called me this morning and told me that at 715 this morning, she turned on the front outside lights before she went to work because it is still a little dark outside. As she did, she saw something that caught her eye on the "Welcome" mat at the front door. Angel's hair from that brush was on the mat...nearly 4 days later. When my mother tossed it, it was out the back door and she had told me that she did look for some last night outside before it got dark and couldn't find any. She said that when she came home last night from dinner, it wasn't there on the front porch, but there it was on the mat....at the FRONT door.

Now, maybe it is my wanting to believe, I don't know...but I am wondering what you guys think of this?????
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Your story sent chills down my spine. If it were me, I would definitely think it was a sign.

Sorry to hear about Angel. It is so hard to lose a friend.
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Yes - I would say that is definitely a sign. Real goose-bump stuff!

Angel is saying thank you for your love, concern and worry.
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It's a wonderful sign Carrie! I am sure Angel is having a wonderful time up there and looking down on you and your mum.
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I am so sorry about Angel.
If it were me, I would think that it was a sign too. Angel is up there watching over you.
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