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Yellow kitten?

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Last friday my cat Amber gave birth to 3 kittens.
She is not an special breed, she is white with darkgrey and orange spots
with stripes in it. More like a cat from a farm.
The 3 kittens look healthy , except for one looks a bit odd .
She has 2 black spots on her head and a black tail and the rest is kinda yellowish.
Not as yellow as an smilie , more like the yellow like this background
First we though she wasn't all cleaned up yet by Amber, but now 4 days later shes still yellow.
Iff i compare the yellow kitten with the other 2 kittens , who have a white body (one with dark spots and the other orange spots) , its very clear that the one is more yellow.

Now my question is: is this normal for an cat?
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Can you post pictures? Sounds like a bluecream to me
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Ah bluecream ,never heard of it so i looked it up , and yup that could be it.
Sure sounds like it , thanks for your quick reply

But im trying to get an camera to make pictures of the kittens anyhow,
when i have the pictures ill show them right away.
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Blue cream or dilute tortoiseshell is the dilute version of a tortie - instead of having black and red you have blue and cream.

Can't wait for pics
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