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Wellington found my lost treasures

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As you all know, I have been settling in to my new home, and gradually unpacking. It has taken ages because of all the renovation work in each room, which is still nowhere near finished, but last week I got to the end of the boxes. They say that you always lose something when moving, but I was devastated to be missing quite a lot of stuff, including some very delicate Chinese porcelain bowls that I bought in Hong Kong, three Japanese netsuke, a Syrian glass flask that is Roman in origin and a number of other souvenirs from my travels around the world. I was telling my friend about it on the phone only a couple of days ago.

Then last night I was woken at 4.30 AM by the sound of scrabbling. I realised it was Wellington who seemed determined to get into a suitcase that was in a stack of bags in the corner of the bedroom, waiting to be put away in a cupboard. He would not stop, and I got up to investigate. Inside were many of the things I thought I had lost for ever, including all of the above. I must have missed unpacking that case and thought it was empty. I was so happy I spent an hour taking everything out of its wrappings before going back to bed at 6AM! Clever cat. But how did he know?

I am still missing three boxes of crystal glasses and a digital camera, but they are not sentimental in value, so I do not mind so much. I feel as if I have found part of my life again. And Wellington got some treats when I finally got up this morning.
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Wellington, you clever boy for your mum I can imagine the smile on your face when you saw them Jenny
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well done Wellington I love netsuke, I drooled over the collection at the V&A.
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I think he overheard your conversation, and decided to do some investigating for you, since his nose is better than yours. Clever boy!
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Go Wellington!!
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Good job Wellington. Maybe you should hire him out as a private eye.
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Cats are the smartest!

(Off subject - give Persil some lovin' from me.)
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They do understand a lot more that we give them credit for. What a way to help Miaowmy, Wellington.
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Good job Wellington! Glad you found your meowmy's precious things for her.
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Good job Wellington!
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What a smart kitty! Can I borrow him to look for my favorite watch?
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What a smart boy...Good job Wellington
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Ah good boy!! I sometimes wonder if we underestimate how much they understand
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I can put together a list of misplaced items that he could find for me!!
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