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hen night.

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ok my sister is setting up my hen night which will be this sataurday. and she will not tell me anything, its my birthday tomorrow so its kinda joint. should i be worried?? iv never been to a hen night let alone my own one, so i want to here about any that you have been to or your own
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What is a "hen night"?
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A bridal shower
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yes sorry bridal shower, i sometimes forget that in different locations things are called different things.
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ooo party time - I bet she arranges a great night out for you - it'll be a hoot

do you think they are going to 'dress' you up

love to see the photos
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its ment to be angels and devils theam, and they said they will make dress up if i like it or not lol.
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Ahhhh! Hope you get lots of useful gifts and no duplicate or triplicate items

Here when a couple gets married there we have a few traditions.

1. "Stag" for the Groom, which is a guys night out...kind of like the last "singles guy" outting, usually complete with strippers

2. "Bridal shower" for the Bride, which is held at someone's house and it's usually pretty low key. Sandwiches and finger foods, party decorations and everyone watches the bride open gifts.

Occasionally you will find that some families/friends throw a "Jack and Jill Shower" where both the bride and groom attend to open the shower gifts. But usually it's a female thing.

3. "Stagette" which is the female counterpart of the "Stag". An all girls night out, usually ends up at a male strip club.

For some reason strippers are popular at "Stags" and "Stagettes", LOL

4. We also have a "Manitoba" tradition called a "Wedding Social", which is essentially a large party held in a hall and is arranged by the Best Man. Tickets are sold (about $15 or $20 per ticket) to anyone who wants to attend, even complete strangers. There is a DJ for music and a cash bar (well you buy drink tickets) which is often manned on a volunteer basis by a friend. Plus there is usually a draw for a prize of some kind (often something under $150.00). You buy a strip of tickets based on the length of your arm. The counterpart ticket is placed in the draw and if you have the winning ticket in your strip of tickets, you win!!! Plus by law there has to be food available so part way through they have a "cold food" and snacks table set up with cold cuts, pickles, buns, a few types of dainties and coffee.

The purpose is to help raise money for the bride and groom to use towards their wedding.

I am not sure by some of the comments in the thread if you are having a plain bridal shower or actually going out to a party night. But eitherway, I hope you have tons of fun
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were haveing a stagette as you call it i think lol, yes the men have stag nights here aswell. but i have said i dont want no strippers , been there seen that not intrested lol, and that.
"Manitoba" tradition called a "Wedding Social"
now this should be done everywhere , sounds great, never heard of it before but sounds great lol.
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I've heard of hen nights (DH watches Cornation Street) so it sounds like you are going to have a wild night out! Remember not to drink too much and to maybe have a non alcoholic drink every other drink.

Hope you have a great time!

I just had a tame little bridal shower in my mom's basement with lots of food and presents.
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