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When is it OK for them to meet?

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I've never introduced cats before, but I've just recently adopted a second cat, and I'm a little unsure of myself.

The new cat (Cheeseburger) and the old cat (Taz) have been exchanging rooms for two days. When exposed to each other's scent, they didn't have much of a reaction at all. So today, I put Cheeseburger in the pet taxi and let Tax out. She hissed and growled a bit, but walked away after a minute and wouldn't be persuaded to come back, even for treats. Cheeseburger was completely mellow. I tried it again a few hours later and met the same result.

I've read up on how to introduce cats, but nobody ever mentioned when the resident cat just walks away!

She hissed a bit later when I still had Cheeseburger's scent on me, but again, not much.

Are these two ready to meet?
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They may or may not be happy to see each other right away, or at any time, but I imagine that Tax, at least, was unhappy over the change in her normal freedom (I think people attribute all the negative feedback they get from cats in these situations to the 'other' or new cats, but forget that the original ones are being asked to make changes that will irritate them too). I don't want to comment otherwise on this one.
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How long has it been since you adopted Cheesburger? Great name by the way

Even if it has been a week or two most cats will hiss and growl. I am still in this process myself.

We adopted our new cat Frostie a little over a month now and even though she has free run of the house she hisses and growls if one of our other cats gets to close. I also have one cat that hisses and growls at her just on sight.

There have been no major fights yet but I keep a sharp eye if I hear or see one starting.

At this point some supervised meetings may be in order but I would not leave them alone together. If you leave for work or shopping I would place the new cat in their room and leave the older cat to roam the house.

Good luck
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Try these:

1. Sprinkle cornstarch (not talc) baby powder on both and rub it in.

2. Put a dab of vanilla extract on their noses and butts.

3. Wash both of them so they smell the same.

I'd say keep them separated for about a week and then let them together. The resident cat will still hiss at times, but be sure all nails are clipped so neither gets hurt. Expect some growling and hissing for awhile yet.
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