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Bored kitty

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Hi all,

I have an 18 months old Siamese girl named Chloe. As all Siamese she is strong willed, and very good at telling us when something is wrong. Lately she has bee very disobedient, getting into everything, dragging trash everywhere, and getting into everything. She is very needy for attention and bites a lot. I am almost sure this is because she is bored out of her mind. We spend a lot of time with her, and give her plenty of attention, but I think she needs to be challenged. Whenever we bring new things into the house she jumps at the opportunity to examine them, but obviously we can't buy her new toys every day. I have thought about taking her out for walks, but my husband doesn't like the idea. He thinks that may make her even more restless indoors.
I would be grateful for any suggestions or advise.

Mia Banks
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Hi Mia

Welcome to you and Chloe.

Have you thought of getting Chloe a playmate? It could be that she is looking for feline company, particularly if she is an active cat - having a friend to chase around the house might be just the solution!
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I agree! A playmate will likely be the perfect solution.

If you cannot adopt a second kitty, how about clicker training her? Cats love the challenge. It will help you spend more time with her and it will make her think real hard and learn new tricks. Here is a web site about clicker training for cats.

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Also take a look at this link here. Katwallks is a great investment to stop boredom in a kitty. But each one of those listings on that page have good products to stop cats from being bored.

Exercise Gyms for cats
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* Brown Paper Bags
* Empty toilet paper rolls
* The "lock" on gallons of milk
* Empty tissue boxes (with small ball inside)

* Big Empty cardboard box, with holes cut inside!

* Rolled up socks

* Ping Pong Balls (with the cardboard box!!)

okay.... enough out of me!!
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