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Skinney Cat

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My one cat is very skinney. He isn't losing any more weight, but he eats all the time and isn't putting on more weight. He lost most of it due to the stress of getting a dog (who constantly tried to eat him for a month). We got rid of that dog and recently got another that is a puppy, and he seems more relaxed around this dog and he is eating alot (the same as our other cat) but isn't gaining weight like the other. He seems really healthy and likes to play and stuff still, should I be concerned(more than I am?)
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How old is the cat??

When was its last trip to the vet and was this brought up>>??

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He is close to 2 years old. His last appointment was when he was fixed. We got our second cat after that and had big problems with the vets and the care we received and prices we paid for them almost killing our 2nd baby and have been vet shy ever since. He isn't dropping weight and is very active outside(we don't let him out he knows to escape when our kids go to the door), but the other cat is gaining and he isn't.
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So which food are you feeding? Hard = ___? Soft = ___?

My Elsa lost a lot of weight quickly when we got a puppy that chased her and she was hiding and not eating. That kind of thing can happen pretty suddenly.

Do you actually notice your kitty eating? Or mostly not eating...because otherwise it might be a good idea to go to the vet and get some bloodwork done...
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I see hime eating whiskas meaty selections. He put on alot of weight when he first got fixed eating canned (soft) food, but after getting the 2nd cat we put them both on dry cat food. I have been thinking of getting soft food again but am worried because of the scare everybody had.
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Hi I have a cat, Shadow, that is 1 1/2, he is a domestic longhaired cat that i have had since a kitten. Lately i have noticed that he is getting very skinny, i thought he was eating fine but when i tried to feed him today he ate a whiskers satchet and only sniffed the dry food but did not eat any. i think my kitten has been eating the food for the both of them as she is getting fat. Shadow is not a very playful cat or very active inside so hard to tell if he is sick or not as he has always been very aloof and not interested in toys. Please can someone help with ideas as to why he is loosing weight?
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