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Stupid Fireworks!

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Im going to have to kill my neighbors! They have been shooting of fire crackers since 9. Ari cant sleep because they are doing it right outside my window. I had all the cats out and Calamity started freaking. She kept grabbing the kittens and stuffing them in the den in her kittens kennel. So I finally just locked her up with them because she was grabbing Skyes kittens too and Skye started attacking her because Lena was crying like a baby while she was being dragged. I would call the cops but we live 5 miles out of town and they are probably to busy to come out with all the people in town doing the same thing. My whole apartment is shaking! Is it the end of the world?
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Aw c'mon its a national holiday. Thier just getting into the festive spirit. Surely you can survive one night of fireworks
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Originally Posted by ClaireBear View Post
Aw c'mon its a national holiday. Thier just getting into the festive spirit. Surely you can survive one night of fireworks
Not with a 4 month old baby I cant! Its 1 in the morning and they are still going strong. Im sick and tired of hearing boom, shew, crackle, ooohhhh, ahhh and then a screaming baby. I was perfectly fine the first 2 hours but come on people go to bed!
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I say you fire some off at 6am! Have you tried calling them to see if they'll stop? C'mon....she's 4 months old for cripes sake!!
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i feel the same way...they are allowed to do it till eleven tonight...(they started at about seven pm)...and then till midnight on the fourth...i'm originally from california, i hate the fireworks laws here in washington. i am afraid of fireworks in close proximity myself and one of my dogs was abused in her past by being tied to a tree and getting bottle rockets shot at her all i understand.
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I'm sorry - its frustrating when its right under your nose......but be sure to keep an eye on everyone when you go in and out the doors. 4th of July is notorious for "lost animals" because they panic and run out the door and you can't catch them.

I remember as a child we caught a little mixed breed dog who was panicing. We put her in the cellar till the fireworks was over and kept her there till the next day. Turned out she was from a few blocks over.

And my biggest pet peave is those IDIOTS (to put it nicely) who bring along their dogs to the park to watch the fireworks. Don't they realize that dog's hearing is 10 x as sensitive as a person's???? I just feel like smacking them silly and chewing them out to take their animals home and lock them up till its over!
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One AM is too late! That's when you should have called the sheriff. I'm 5 miles from the county seat and know that our neighbors with the leatherlunged dog and the one practicing his electric guitar at that hour have had the sheriff called on them. (Not me, but I have my suspicions.)
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I say you fire some off at 6am! Have you tried calling them to see if they'll stop? C'mon....she's 4 months old for cripes sake!!
I thought about doing that with our neighbors...but they stopped around midnight.
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That is horrible - we had the same problem on Sunday night for Canada Day went late and then I think the neighbour called the cops. The fireworks were being set off in a park just across the road from me. Poor Ari.
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Call the police, let them decide if it is too much trouble. That's what they are there for.
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I agree. People need to have more respect for others. They have plenty of time to celebrate the holiday. No reason to be up all night doing it.

Tonight Seb will hide for hours - he hates fireworks. Not sure how Daphne will handle it all yet.

I hope you and Ari were able to get some sleep
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I feel your pain. Around here, almost anything is legal out in the county but most everything is illegal in town. Our neighbors started shooting them off at all hours last week sometime. The cops mostly turn a blind eye, but they helped me out the other day. I haven't heard a peep in 3 days.

Here, when you call 911 about something like fireworks, they ask if you want an officer to contact you personally. If you say no, they don't look into it at all...or only if they have time. If you say yes, they get right on it. It worked. I was surprised, honestly.
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Thanks guys! We had a rough night. I did end up calling the Sherriff and he said he would try to get down as soon as possible but that they are busy in town. So he ended up getting down here at 4 a.m. nocking on my door! They had stopped at 3 and I had just got Ari to bed. I must have looked awful because he was very nice to me. I started crying. I was just exhausted. When I went out this morning to let the pups go potty the whole yard area was covered and I mean covered in used firecrackers. I ended up having to bring them way up by the woods to find a place to set up their x-pen. I saw my neighbor Joe and told him he better not have been one of them up so late. He said he had tried to go to bed at 11 but that his whole apartment was shaking too. He couldnt sleep either. So I called up Grandma Betty (old lady who lives up above me) and asked how she was and she said she slept fine once she took out her hearing aids. LOL
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