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How could they????

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I saw two of the most gorgeous Meezers today at Petsmart in the adoptable cats area. Here's their page from the rescue's website:

Here's what the page doesn't tell you that will make you

A lady brought 3 purebred (old-fashioned, applehead meezers, like Gaye's Lexus, George and Pearl (and her stud, but I can't remember his name at the moment), and Linda's Bijou and Mika). She had them all neutered, given vaccinations, tested for FIV/FeLV, and front paw declawed . When it came time to pick up these three gorgeous boys...she could not pay one single red cent for them. Nothing. So they were surrendered to the vet clinic, who surrendered them to this no-kill rescue. The vet bills were $350 each on the boys, but they are adopting them out for $200 each payable directly to the vet. One of the kittens (the older one) has been adopted, but the other two brothers are still available.

They are GORGEOUS and I'm sure they will be adopted quickly where they are at. The manager told us they had just come in today.

If you know someone in the Denver area who is interested in adopting them, they can contact the rescue or go to the Littleton Petsmart.

I was just furious when I read what that woman had done, and would like to ask for some "good home" vibes for these two.

Oh, and if ya can spare, for Galatian too. He's an absolute love who has been at Petsmart waiting for his forever home for at least a month.
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I hope someone cut's off that woman's finger tips!!!

Those babies will get homes quickly, being purebred Meezers...
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Awww they are so gorgeous, hope they find homes soon.
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Aww!! Those babies are gorgeous!!!

I hope they find loving, furever homes!!
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Wow they are lovely... How could someone do that
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they sounds just lovely! i'm sure they will find a good forever home soon
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DO you think they would ship.... MOM appeared very interested... I dont want to hold her back if she is ready , already complaining "she " doesnt have a pet...
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I'm sending "good home vibes" for them all. I'm sure they won't have any trouble finding homes; I just hope they get the best ones they possibly can.
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I know it's hard to look at this in a positive light, but at least she had the brains to get the animals spayed/neutered instead of letting them breed and produce more kittens.

However, why she would take the animals to the vet and get all of that done when she knew she couldn't pay for it is beyond me. Maybe she thought she could work out some kind of payment plan, but usually you discuss that in advance.
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Irresponsible. That's the only word i can think of for people who give up on them so easily

Lot's of (((((((Good luck vibes)))))))) that these babies find someone who truly loves them
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Sending major vibes that the kitties find loving homes. The Meezers are stunning, of course, but I'm in love from afar with Galatian. I'd love a solid black male if I was in the position to adopt another.
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Poor babies! I hope they all find forever homes soon!
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If only I was closer! I would take both the siamese! poor babys,bad lady!
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How horrible - If I could have more, I'd be down there in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, we don't have the space or are allowed by the city to have more
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I'm pretty sure this woman knew exactly what she was doing. Since she couldn't pay for even a small portion of the Vet bill, she likely planned this in advance.
Have a lot of work done of 3 cats, ring up a huge bill, then claim she can't pay. It's obvious what the vet clinic will do to recoup the loss of revenue.

She got out of the burden of finding homes for 3 kittens and she doesn't have to feel guilty about turning them over to a shelter.

She'll likely have another litter in a few months. These kittens had to have come from unaltered adult cats at her home.
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