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I took my boy to the vet today, and I think he's still a little shaken by the experience. He was vomiting, had a mild fever, and two days ago I also noticed worms. The deworming medicine will be easy, I'll just grind that up in the food as per the vet's instructions, but I've been chasing Seamus around the house trying to give him his anti-vomit and his antibiotic... I'm supposed to just squirt it in his mouth. The vet made it look so easy to restrain him today, but he's being a real pain in my toosh right now... ANY advice on how I can get him down to drink this stuff would be so helpful. I get him restrained sort of, but once he sees the dropper he goes nuts!
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How big is your cat? How old?
I have a large semi-ferral cat that needed meds when I first got him. He was so strong!
Iwould lay a large towel out (beach towel) and get him on it and swaddle him up to his neck like a baby. Make sure his paws are deep in the towel and do what you have to do. I sometimes had to do that and hold him between my knees and grab the nape of his neck to get him to stop figeting. But if you get those front paws in that towel, thats half the battle. Just keep talking sweet to him and reassuring him that your only trying to help him get better.
Hope that helps some? Good luck and I hope ur kitty feels better soon!
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Thanks for the advice.

Hours and hours later, and a night of very light sleep for me... he still won't let me get a towel on him, pin him down, anything. He is his fiesty self, leading me to believe that the vet maybe went a little overkill... He def. has worms (I saw them three days ago) and the next day he had a rough night vomiting, so I brought him to the vet that following day (yesterday) but he was eating and keeping it down before I brought him. He had a very slight fever too. I think the vet went a little aggressive on treatment with the antibiotics and anti-vomiting meds... I'm still trying to get them down though, just in case. He does not tire out, does not get winded or that sick look in all the fighting with me, so I'm thinking he may have just had a rough night... first time he ate, he vomited, was starving so ate again and overdid it a little...

I got a little medicine on his fur and realized he was licking it clean, so that's what worked for one dose... not ideal, but he licked most of it and I cleaned the rest off of him...

We'll see what the vet says when test results come in and I tell her he is being impossible.
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Oh, and he's about 2 years old and only 11.5 lbs..
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I find liquids extremely difficult to give. If I was in your shoes, I would call the vet back and ask for pills. Most meds are available in either form.
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I went to the vet this morning to drop off a sample and she suggested now mixing it with the food. I already lost his first dose of Drontal this way, which she will pop for me if I bring him in this afternoon, though I may call and just pick up the pill because I have made progress. If I hand feed him the soft food on my fingers with the meds mixed in, he eats it. Thank God I am home for the summer because it would be a real pain to have to get up extra early to hand feed in the AM, then come home tired from work and have to do it two more times. Let's see if this lasts!

Maybe once he gets used to the meds he'll eat it on his own, but for now, I'll baby him a little bit...
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