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Odd bumps?

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I have a kitten here with many bumps on his head, they seem to have scabs.. I went to the Vet, and he said that it was nothing and it was going to eventually going to go away.. But i's been over a month and it's spreading the mouth region.. His Lip is Swollen and it doesn't look right at all..
Any suggestions at what i should do..?

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I'd say try to get him into a different vet if you can.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I'd say try to get him into a different vet if you can.
Firefox had these when i brought her in. i did some research, & they fit the description of feline miliary dermatitis, but that's really just a description of a type of rash with many causes. her's was finally determined to be a bacterial skin infection, & it's getting better now that she's on antibiotics. word of warning - she gave it to me, too! be very careful! if you can't see a vet soon, wash him with a gentle, antibacterial soap.
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Sounds like rodent ulcer - I'd get a 2nd opinion especially when its spreading. First thought was flea bites there had healed over.
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