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Don't laugh now......

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This is a butt plug (yes that is what they call it) from a custom pool cue. One of my clients wanted me to scrim a frog on it. Would someone let me know what they think? It is shown actual size.

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I think its stunning! The detail you managed on such a small object is tremendous!

If my wife still shot for a ladies team, I'd consider asking you to replicate one for her, as she loves frogs and turtles. Alas, she doesn't and her cue rests at the rear of our closet.

Okay, sorry for too much information...

The bottom line is: its a very fine piece of work!
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Did you really draw that???? Dang thats so good! Are you an artist? The quality of the work is just wonderful!!!!!
What does scrim mean?
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Thank you Bill! I love to scrim when it is small- this little guy is not even 2" tall. That is when scrim works the best for me. I would love to do work for you anytime- just give me a holler. My rates are not that expensive either. I specialize in key chains and belt buckles....

Ki- Scrim is short for scrim-shaw. Scrimshaw is when you draw something out and scratch the design on with what they call a scrim tool. I use a carbide tip tool that looks like a pencil, only the point is very very sharp. Once you do the design, you put india ink over the item, the ink runs down into the scratches creating the design and you wipe up the rest of the ink. You just keep working at the design until it finally takes shape and is finished.
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Wow, thats neat, I love your work. Do you have a catalog?
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If you haven't already, click the link on the bottom of Hissy's signature "...our Krafty World..." There's quite a display of talent from her and her husband.
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Its beautiful, Hissy!
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I concur - beautiful work!
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Wow! That's awesome! I hope you'll show us the budda too! I'm an artist also. I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Arts. I mostly do oils and acrylics.
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But... aren't frogs more streamline and toads fat. I'm sure the person will love it though. I'm just nit picking.. sorry
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*Bunn slaps Dragonlady with a trout

Looks great Hisseh
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Hissy.... That frog is great!!!!

DragonLady: It's a frog sweetie!
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LOL! No cyber-slapping of fish allowed! Unless it is a cat fish.....(groan)

Teresa, he wanted an amphibian on his butt plug! LOL Why do I think that sounds nasty?
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Wow, that is great. I am impressed with how much detail you put into that considering the size
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Mommy.... There's a frog on my butt plug!
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He looks great! You are a definate artist!
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Tell your mama to behave!
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Originally posted by Lhezzza

Mommy.... There's a frog on my butt plug!
This is a perfect example of never starting to read a thread half way down! I thought all of you had lost your marbles....

Is the Christmas season to hectic? Did you just have "one" too many?

***On a side note: Hissy, very well done!***
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Originally posted by hissy
Tell your mama to behave!

Originally posted by Russian Blue
Is the Christmas season to hectic? Did you just have "one" too many?
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(BuNN I'm having TROUT for dinner The kitties are having the head! 10Q for the free meal!)
I know if it was for me, I would love it, the detail is fantastic! I'm sure this person will be sending a lot of work your way once the guys at the pool hall see it! It is great work.
(BuNN the trout is a little fishy smelling...I'll have to send it back! *fling*)
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Hissy!!! That is just awesome!!!! I wish I was half as talented as you are!!! Great job!!!!
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Hissy, that is amazing. I am always impressed when someone can create something so beautiful.
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He loved his butt plug! hee hee I just had to say that! He is sending me seven more! He wants all sorts of designs of them as well.
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