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Not furry, but...

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I think that my favourite saltwater fish, George the mandarin, has gone to fishie heaven. He was looking not-so-good on Saturday - nothing concrete, he just seemed kind of sluggish and breathing a bit faster then normal - but I had to leave to pick up my son. He wasn't in the same spot when I got home, and I haven't seen him since. I know he was "just" a fish, but I really liked the little guy.

Here are some photos:

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R.I.P George.
He was beautiful.
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Wow! He was beautiful!
And don`t think he was 'just a fish'. I know how attatched you can become. People are usually suprised when you tell them that some fish DO have their own little personality. I was so upset when my big Angel fish Henri died so your not alone
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he certainly wasn't just a fish - he is beautiful and he looks a bit of a character too

RIP Sweet George - have lots of splish splash fun over the Bridge
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He is a beautiful fish, I am sorry to hear about him.

RIP George
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Oh, Renee, he's so beautiful! And I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to him for a while. But he's swimming happily at Rainbow Bridge, and he was and is a beautiful little person in his own right.

Years ago, soon after I lost my Sinbad, I read Scott Smith's book The Soul of Your Pet. Smith is a journalist who started collecting personal stories of signs and visits, sometimes dream visits, that people had from their pets or other animals who'd crossed over. One of the most striking stories was from a man who'd lost a number of tropical fish over the years, and one night he had a dream or vision where he was swimming beside the most beautiful reef he'd ever seen, in the most beautiful sea, with the fish he'd loved beside him. (The book has been revised since I read it, but I hope that story is still in the new edition.)

That's George's reality now -- he's healthy and even more beautiful, swimming happily in surroundings more beautiful than we can imagine, but he hasn't forgotten you and your love for him, and you will see him again.

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I'm so sorry to hear about George. He was a beautiful little guy.

Rest in peace
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I am sorry for your loss. He was beautiful! RIP George.
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