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The "Odd Couple" Thread

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I have introduced Waldo and his sister on another thread. But, for refresher, he's a 6.5 wk old kitten I took in (along with his sister) from a feral mom. They are so cuddly you'd never know they had no human companionship from birth til about 5 wks old.

So first, here's Waldo loooooovin' some pettin':

And here are the "odd couple" pics:

Can you say "NO prey drive"?

Schmoopsie is a young female dumbo rat. I absolutely love her, and she is the one of my 4 girls that I trusted to be "cool" enough with Waldo to introduce them. Hopefully at this young age, if we end up keeping Waldo, he will be used to them and not see them as prey, like my current tortie girl, Bird, does. Of course, they'd never be unsupervised. I'm very experienced in keeping prey and predatory animals together, but seperately.

A couple of Schmoo seperate:

And the two new friends hangin' out with their boy:

(does this make him a "catman" or a "ratman"?? )

Anyone else have "odd couple" pics???
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Thats adorable!

I hope they grow up to be life long friends!
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Awww, that is so cute!
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Awwwwwww how precious is that!!!!
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oh my, look at that sweet Waldo, you are right ! you'd never believe he was a feral

and his buddy is a cutie too - I hope they are friends forever
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Those are lovely photos! Schmoo reminds me of Stewart Little in the one with his little paw raised!
No cute odd couples here, I'm afraid. We're just odd.
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Aww, how cute!

Love the pics!
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They are all adorable! Love your cataratman photo
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OMG how cute
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My guinea pigs and cats are pals. They are both so cute!!
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Arrrrrr cute doesn't even begin to cover it i can't believe how chilled they both look !!!! your rat is gorgeous too too much sweetness for one thread
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What an adorable duo!!! I read about "training" cats to get along with animals they usually see as prey by introducing them at a young age, but I've never seen pictures of them like that
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