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Another Jordan Update

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So Jordan went yesterday to have his ionized calcium level rechecked. I had them get his weight, last time it was 14 lbs, this time 12.4 lbs. I was concerned, but the vet said if they didn't use the same scale that could be why. I personally don't get that all the tests that have been done have differnt "nomal" ranges, but the latest is that the top end of normal is 5.4, his was 6.4. I'm not all that supprised, just frustrated. My vet is part of a 5 vet practice and has talked to the other 4 vets, and the vet at the emergancy place that did his ultra sound. None of them have any true idea of what's going on, but here's the latest plan. No need to do exploritory at this point because the ultra sound was totally normal and they feel they would find nothing (I'm thankful for that). There is still a possibility that he has intestinal lymphoma in very early stages. It is also possible he has cancer, but is too small to show on x-rays and they can't just go exploring his whole body with no idea where to look. So Thursday he is going to have a urinalysis to rule out any kidney disease (and I think something else). If those tests are normal the vet want to treat as though he has idopathing hypercalcimia. Sounds easy, but the standard treatment is prednisone, which the vet dosen't want to do incase he does have cancer or lymphoma because I have expressed intrest in chemo. So he has to do some research, and once again none of the vets in that practice have any experience with treating idopathic hypercalcimia. Depending on the test results I may ask if it would be worth taking him to an internal medicine specialist. I was supposed to see one when he had the ultra sound, but unfortunatly that e-vet is currently without an internal medicine specialist. So, we've ruled out, thyroid, parathyroid, a bone disease, Lymphoma (for now). Basicly $1,300 and no answers. He's been doing OK, still not 100% Jordan, but he's eating a fair amount. Me, I'm just frustrated and afraid I'm going to lose him without ever having a diagnosis.
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I'm sorry to hear that you still aren't getting any answers. I had the same problem when my Petunia stopped eating. Every test came back within range. Unfortunately, I did lose her after 4 months.

I'm sending vibes that Jordan gets better.
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They got the urine sample last night. I'm not exactly sure, but I think they got it with a needle through his bladder??? The reason I think this is that his side was all drenched with alcohol like they use when they take blood. I'll ask when the vet calls with the results, but has anyone ever heard of this before?
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Yes--it's called cystocentesis. It's probably the best way to get a urine sample, as it doesn't expose the urine to bacteria in the urethra--this is very important if they are checking for a UTI. Bacteria in the urethra is a normal occurrence, but bacteria in the bladder indicates an infection. They use a very fine needle to collect the urine and from what I've heard, most cats don't even flinch.

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I'm sorry you still have no answers to Jordan's problem. It must be very upsetting, especially when there's mention of cancer. He's in my thoughts.
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Still no answers, you must be going crazy, Continued prayers for you and Jordan
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Well, the urinanlysis came back fine. Which I guess is good because it means he doesn't have any kidney damage, but it is difficult to not have an answer. The vet is concerned that the elevated calcium could do damage to his kidneys and heart so next week he will be starting on a medication to help reduce his calcium. The vet feels there is no reason to do an exploritory since they would have no idea where to begin looking, but did say that 30% of the time hypercalcimia is diagnosed as ideopathic (no known reason). So I'm not sure what this means long term, but every day with him is a blessing. He's got a great big personality and the vet said everyone at the office knows who he is. The reason they all know him is because he's naughty, but to me it just demonstrates that he has a larger than life personality. He's my cuddle bug and I'll miss him if something happens to him, but at least I feel I've done everything I can.
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Maybe he ended up with some sort of chemical imbalance? I'm sending more vibes that he gets better.
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