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I recently introduced my kitten Aslan [3 months old] to my roommates cat [Amira] which is also a male who is about [1 1/2 years old]. The two seem to play a good bit, but several minutes after playing, Amira will pin Aslan to the ground with his mouth on his scruff. I don't let them stay down long before scaring him off. Amira seems aggressive and I don't want to take chances. Also, the resident Amira likes to lay outside my bedroom door and meow constantly while Aslan is in my room. What is that about?! I'm irritated by this, because Amira also likes to sneak back to my bedroom and try to eat Aslan's food/use his litter box. What is this behavior, how can I stop it and what are the best ways to get my kitten acclimated comfortably into my home? He seems fearless and curious to explore, even after Amira pins him down-but it definately gets my nerves out of whack. Aslan's diet/food will be seperate from Amira's... I need help! My roommates said Amira lived with dogs before, but every other cat that has met Amira-doesn't like him. Apparently other cats are annoyed by him, and he constantly chases/annoys them; causing the other cats to hiss or fight back from his bantering. This cat is WEIRD!

They say he's just playing, but even they seem to think he gets a little too aggressive when he pins Aslan down. HELP!!!!

On a seperate note: does anyone know why Aslan darts off when he is in the living room and someone approaches him? He likes to be pet occassionally, but once I let him into the living room-even if he's just sitting somewhere, and I come up to him--even before I can pet him he darts off. In my bedroom, he'll meow, lay there-whatnot and let me pet him. Why does he change once he's in the living room?
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Sounds like the resident cat is showing Aslan that he is the dominant cat.
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I went through a similar situation when I introduced Cleo (2 yrs) and Leo (8 mos.). The newbie, Leo, was kept in my bedroom bc Cleo wasn't adjusting well. Like your resident cat, she would sit outside the bedroom door, but would hiss, growl, AND meow. It was very stressful. Whenever the bedroom door would open Leo would escape and eat Cleo's adult food and Cleo would eat Leo's kitten food AND use his litterbox - so I definitely understand what you're going through. I figured though that Cleo couldn't hate Leo too much if she would eat his food and poop where he poops. The good news is that within a couple weeks of separation and supervised "playtime" the kitties were getting along great. It's been 3 months now and they are both very well adjusted.
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Thanks for replying to my lengthy post!

Right now Amira and Aslan are actually playing
here in the living room. Because of his small size,
Aslan is still able to out manuever Amira-although
now comes the stress of keeping the house kitten-proof.

Amira is still loving towards me, and I've seen him
licking Aslan, soooo I think his behavior is normal.
Who mentioned the dominance factor, I can see that a little.
But cats are not pack animals, so they really have no need
for a hierarchy. I know there's always an "alpha" but that
can quickly change.

I'm looking forward to seeing Aslan grow!
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