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Dinner What's On Your menu

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So anyway it is left-over night at my house, I have some left-over sirloin steak, lots of veggies, and some noodles...
Looks like it is going to a beef stirfry, on noodles.
Haven't decided whether it's going to be honey-mustard, or sesame ginger yet...
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That sounds good. I will be making Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puppy Chow soon (for tomorrow) so I am sure I will be munching on that... If I go to the fair tonight (depending on whether it is going to keep raining) it will be fair food for dinner... Thank goodness for my pepto, I can feel the heartburn already!

BTW I say honey mustard!
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They both sound yummy.. Tonight I have already had my dinner and I had Chicken Tikka Masala with chips and rice and it was lovely.. Nothing good like a fab curry.
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Not sure- we have no groceries since we're in the process of moving... so who knows!
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im thinkin potato and cheese pierogies. YUM!!!!!
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OMG I had potato and cheese pierogies last night... Not even kidding... MMMM deep fried lol!
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Talapia, French Fries, Tossed Salad & Rolls.
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I am making meatloaf with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.
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We had tomato soup and Sun Chips and ice cream sandwiches.
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Ok everyone now your making me hungry we are having Mac & cheese with veggies and believe me it isn't low fat .... should be I know it's in the oven almost done.

Enjoy all~
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coconut cream mushroom soup and breadless turkey meatloaf (has lots of veggies, cheddar cheese... MMMMMmmmmm!)

I can't wait for that soup. It's been cooking all day and it's making the house smell WONDERFUL!

ETA: It's kind of nice that this is the first time I'm answering this and not saying "eggplant"
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We're going to the buffet at the casino tonight for my step-dad's birthday tomorrow! There will be no gambling afterward though!
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I've got a creole chicken ready to throw on the smoker. Side of fresh corn on the cob and a big chunk of watermelon for dessert.
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I had two tomatoes and a beer
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Meatloaf, whipped potatoes, salad.
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Hrm well i should be having breakfast at this point i think i might have grilled lamb and chips for tea
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Pork loin, cream gravy, rice, green beans and biscuits.
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We had grilled chicken, rice, coleslaw, sliced tomatoes, and rolls. For dessert we could have either apple or cherry pie w/a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!! Yuuuummm Goooooood!!
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Pork loin, cream gravy, rice, green beans and biscuits.
Are there any leftovers?
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We went out, I had a Banana Daquiri, salad and chicken tenders
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John just came home with some Chinese, which I usually dont like, but he had sweet & sour chicken with white rice & I had a little bit and it was sooo yummy... now I'm starving & thinking of going & getitng some KFC
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Are there any leftovers?
Sure, come on down.
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We had ham sandwiches
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we are grillin' hotdogs
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I had fish and chips from a really good place here.
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Tonight I had:

2 soft tacos made with ground turkey, spices, tomatoes, lettuce, small amount of cheese, green onions and plain yogurt.

mixed green salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, green onion, a few walnuts and an asian salad dressing.

Dessert is a Nectarine.
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We had hamburgers, and grilled summer crook-neck squash, mmmmm, and later when my hubby comes up from the basement, (he hides there while I am PMS-ing! ) and my daughter comes home from church, we are gonna marsh marshmallows and make smores!
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we had a big BBQ. we had shrimp macaroni salad homemade, I didn't try it yet because I wasnt that hungry, blueberry jello with whipped cream on top with strawberries over the whipped cream, awesome carrot cake , watermelon, chips, hamburgers, and hot dogs.
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I just placed a delivery order with Pizza Hut!

1 large thin crust pizza with black olives, pepperoni, and extra cheese

and an order of cheesebread sticks w/ sauce
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We just went up to grocery store and picked up some rotisserie chicken, mustard potato salad and a loaf of french bread. It was delicious!
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