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automatic/self cleaning litter boxes

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has anyone heard of these, tried them, or know where to get them? i've heard it's a great investment, but haven't been able to get any feed back.
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They are sooo expensive!! I saw one at Petco and it just looked odd. Maybe Spidey would use it, but I would bet anything Poppy (who's rather timid) would never. And it just seems to me like a huge waste of money for something that only takes a few minutes to do yourself.
Also, the ones that "wash" themselves are an enormous waste of water.
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I have two friends who tried them. One liked it the other didn't. But be warned, if you have a cat that scares easily I wouldn't recommend it. When the self-cleaning litterbox goes into action, the noise may scare the cat and she/he will find another spot to do it's business where it won't be scared!

Also, I've heard that the grate can become clogged with litter.
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I don't have any so no first hand info but, there have been a lot of posts recently on another board I belong to (for breeders only). The concenses of opinion there is that they are fine for a one or two cat home, particularly if they are not large cats like the Maine Coon, Norweigen Forest or Ragdoll,etc. Even the "large" size boxes don't seem to give enough room inside for these breeds.
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It is good if you have one or two cats- I tried it, but I have to many cats, it burnt the motor out!
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and 10 cats! You do have to clean the rake and make sure to scrape the bottom of the box. The higher quality of litter the less cleaning. I love mine! It is a time saver and gives the cat a cleaner box. The motor comes on 10 minutes after the cat leaves the box and resets if another cat uses it before the time is up. I have a very skittish cat and she has no problem with using them. They are a bit noisy so don't keep them near the bedroom.
I don't know how I would get by without them!
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Littermaid is the name of the box, and you can purchase at

Some bigger Wal-marts have them, too, as well as some of the larger
pet supply stores.
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Well I havn't used them before but
I heard their really good for
privacy for your kitty. I think
the cost is somewhere around $60-100
depending on the brand....ect. But
if you get one you have to make sure
your kitty will feel safe and use it...
Also try doing a search on them at
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I saw the Littermaid boxes at Petco the last time I was stateside, and at WalMart. They were about $10 cheaper at WalMart. I haven't tried them, so I can't give any recommendations.
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I knew I saw something about this subject and recently received on one of my lists that this type of box killed a 5 month old kitten. Apparently the sensor didn't work and the thing snapped the kitten's neck. If anyone want to see the post, please let me know how to cross post or e-mail me and I'll send it to you.

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Hi there,

I have 2 of the self cleaning litter boxes. I found them to be $20 less at Petsmart, Petco is so expensive. I also purchased the tent so it gives the kitties a bit of privacy. I have 3 kitties btw. My husband loves the thing since he doesn't have to clean the litter box as much. He just disposes the dispensors and it's done. The dispensors come 12 in a box, if I'm not mistaken. So, what my husband does to save some $$, he dumps out the stuff that's in the dispensor on trash day and he puts back the dispensor that way he doesn't have to put a new despensor in. He will replace the despensor after a month's worth of use. We purchase the tent in Target sometimes Walmart may have them as well.

Some drawbacks are: it tends to get stuck if there's a lot of material in the box also, you have to make sure the comb in the back stays clear of material. I would suggest the clumping litter the more it clumps the better. We use the arm & hammer.

I give it 2 thumbs up! I would suggest in getting the biggest one since that one has a stronger motor and is wider, deeper and it tends to get less stuck. I know they are a bit pricey but for me they are so worth it!! Good luck!

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